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November 2000 - Announcements Page


Turbine Announcements

Teaser Images


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Release Notes

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Letter to the Players

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State of the Code

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Thistledown's Defense of the Shard of the Herald

The official account of Turbine's efforts to destroy the Shard of the Herald (aka Harry) on Thistledown after the players there successfully defended it.


Town Crier Rumors

Town Crier tells you, "I'm so relieved we aren't wearing those masks anymore. I just hope next month we don't have to wear any silly red suits."
Town Crier tells you, "SouthbySoutheastward Ho! There's land to be found off of the coast near Mayoi."
Town Crier tells you, "I don't want to seem rude, but have you been fighting Moarsmen lately? Maybe you should take a bath."
Town Crier tells you, "Many new monsters have been discovered on the Vesayen Islands."
Town Crier tells you, "Army camps for both sides are gathering on the Vesayen Islands as the Shadows and Undead seem poised for battle."
Town Crier tells you, "Sir Candeth Martine has still not been found. The society is very concerned."
Town Crier tells you, "Apparently the Shadows and Undead sometimes use weaker creatures as lackeys in their recent struggles."
Town Crier tells you, "Yesterday while trying to find a fez...actually, I'm lying. I'm always standing here in this same spot! When do I have the time to go fez hunting?"
Town Crier tells you, "Kryst has been found! Can you believe that the residents there still think that there is an Olthoi invasion going on? They should be relieved to know that all we have to worry about are the Shadows."
Town Crier tells you, "There are reports of Mosswarts worshipping stone idols far to the southeast."
Town Crier tells you, "Explorers hacking deep into the jungles of Vesayen report seeing a giant ruined structure defended by an army of undead."
Town Crier tells you, "Don't give up on those Blue Phyntos Wasps yet. They may just surprise you."
Town Crier tells you, "I always enjoy looking up into the sky and watching the pretty birds."
Town Crier tells you, "The sun finally looks like a proper sun should!"
Town Crier tells you, "Hmm, you know, we stand here all day and night dispensing valuable advice to adventurers, and yet we must rely on the kindness of strangers to make a living. It's time we formed a union!"

Ulgrim Rumors

Ulgrim the Unpleasant tells you, "So, have ye killed your first Tremendous Monouga yet? What a great trophy you can get off'em - a toenail clipping you can use as a sword! And they cut through enchantments! And do 50 damage!"
Ulgrim the Unpleasant tells you, "I once lived on an island. For a long time, too. Me and a Skipper sure had some good times"

New UI and Game Changes

  • Graphics
    • After much criticism, the Heaumes have been reverted back to an improved version of their original look. The new Armet now has the "teapot" style artwork instead.
    • The animation speed for equipping and un-equipping bows and crossbows has been increased.
    • The Sturdy Iron Key now has a unique icon so that it can't be easily confused with other keys.
  • Locations

New Quests

Live Events

  • 2000/11 - Shard of the Herald - Players defeat the Dericost army commanders gaining access to Kelderam's Path and the Shard of the Herald where battles then ensue between players who want to protect the shard and those who want to destroy it. In the end, the defenders fail and the shard is destroyed on all servers.
The Herald is come.
The children of Ispar have lost...
The currents coursing through the ley lines flare and sputter in dismay. A tremor passes through the ground, as if the world itself were recoiling in horror. For a moment, all is still. The wind holds its breath. Then, on the back of a rising gale, there comes the faint sound of black laughter.
In the depths below the ruined Cathedral of Ithaenc, Vidorian's party make the grievous error of shattering the last Soul Crystal! The patterns of magic are rent asunder.

New NPCs

New Locations

Vesayen Isles

  • Northeastern Lifestone - 68.6S, 94.9E
  • Nearest Kryst Lifestone - 78.2S, 85.3E
Points of Interest

Updated Locations

New Items

Armets Introduced
  • Armet Icon.png

Shard of the Herald (Live Event)
  • Split Silver Key (Rear) Icon.png
Split Silver Key (Rear)
  • Split Silver Key (Middle) Icon.png
Split Silver Key (Middle)
  • Split Silver Key (Front) Icon.png
Split Silver Key (Front)
  • Silver Key (Kelderam's Path) Icon.png
Silver Key (Kelderam's Path)
  • Kelderam's Tomb Icon.png
Kelderam's Tomb
  • Kelderam's Path Icon.png
Kelderam's Path
  • Corroded Platinum Key Icon.png
Corroded Platinum Key
  • Treasury of the Order Icon.png
Treasury of the Order

Anadil of Shakrassekor
  • Campaign Journal Icon.png
Campaign Journal
  • Staff of the Nomads (Retired) Icon.png
Staff of the Nomads (Retired)

Asmolum the Worm
  • Ancient Key Icon.png
Ancient Key
  • Asmolum's Throwing Daggers Icon.png
Asmolum's Throwing Daggers
  • Damp Scroll Icon.png
Damp Scroll

The Healer's Heart Quest
  • Mistress' Chest Icon.png
Mistress' Chest
  • The Healer's Heart Icon.png
The Healer's Heart
  • Scroll of Sanctuary Recall Icon.png
Scroll of Sanctuary Recall
  • Alaidain's Gem Icon.png
Alaidain's Gem
  • Tear-Stained Parchment Icon.png
Tear-Stained Parchment
  • Translated Letter (Tear-Stained Parchment) Icon.png
Translated Letter (Tear-Stained Parchment)

Rumuba's Jade Spear Quest
  • Rumuba Rumor Icon.png
Rumuba Rumor
  • Idol Gem Icon.png
Idol Gem
  • Rumuba's Jade Spearhead Icon.png
Rumuba's Jade Spearhead
  • Rumuba's Jade Spear Icon.png
Rumuba's Jade Spear

  • Hoory Mattekar Robe Icon.png
Hoory Mattekar Robe
  • Bludgeoning Sword (Retired) Icon.png
Bludgeoning Sword (Retired)

Water of Ithaenc
  • Adja's Well Icon.png
Adja's Well
  • Well Bucket Icon.png
Well Bucket
  • Water of Ithaenc Icon.png
Water of Ithaenc

  • Island Armoredillo Spine Icon.png
Island Armoredillo Spine
  • Fine Spine Axe Icon.png
Fine Spine Axe
  • Sturdy Armoredillo Hide Icon.png
Sturdy Armoredillo Hide
  • Fine Armoredillo Hide Shirt Icon.png
Fine Armoredillo Hide Shirt
  • Jungle Phyntos Wasp Wing Icon.png
Jungle Phyntos Wasp Wing

  • The History of Kryst Icon.png
The History of Kryst
  • Mosswart Feud Rumor Icon.png
Mosswart Feud Rumor
  • Sir Martine's Journal Icon.png
Sir Martine's Journal

Updated Items

  • Crystal Vestibule Items
    • All items reduced in burden.
    • Fenmalain rewards reduced in value from 5,000 to 1,000.
    • Caulnalain rewards reduced in value from 10,000 to 2,000.
    • Shendolain rewards reduced in value from 20,000 to 4,000.
    • All quests key are no longer Attuned.
  • Heaume Icon.png Heaume - Updated with an improved version of the original "cheese grater" style and new icon
  • Sturdy Iron Key Icon.png Sturdy Iron Key - New icon

New Spells


Portaldat 200011.png

New Creatures

Armoredillo Icon.png Armoredillo

Crystal Icon.png Crystal

Idol Icon.png Idol

Moarsman Icon.png Moarsman

Mosswart Icon.png Mosswart

Mu-miyah Icon.png Mu-miyah

Phyntos Wasp Icon.png Phyntos Wasp

Sclavus Icon.png Sclavus

Shadow Icon.png Shadow

Shallows Shark Icon.png Shallows Shark

Slithis Icon.png Slithis

Undead Icon.png Undead

Unknown Icon.png Unknown

Wisp Icon.png Wisp

Zefir Icon.png Zefir


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