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Introduced:  Lost in the New Horizon Related Quests:  See Below Updated:  Mirror, Mirror
Singularity Caul



Caul Island is a huge, circular island to the Southwest of Dereth.
It's been the center of many story arcs and events.
All over the island, different items associated with Bael'Zharon and Aerbax can be found, such as Virindi Spires, a Shadow Spire and Stone Statue of Bael'Zharon.
Also, the island is full of all sorts of Empyrean Ruins.

For a Map of Caul, with all important information, see: here.

Caul is a large area, there are two ridges that bisect the island, viewed from overhead it looks like an X in a circle, with a small crater area in the very middle. The spawns are fairly well separated by these ridges. For creature information see each specific area on the Caul.


Originally, the island was accessible by invitation only. Bael'Zharon called Monarchs to run "The Gauntlet", an invitation only quest to receive an Atlan Shadow Stone and the title of Dark Master. See the text of Samuel, Former Guardian.

The island opened up for all players during the Lost in the New Horizon event.
In the The Rise of the New Singularity story arc, a group of Virindi led by Levistras chose the island as the location to build a new Singularity.
At that time, it became also possible to access the island by handing Ecorto the Lost Director a Fragment of the New Singularity. The exit portal from the this way accessed Seat of the New Singularity dungeon dropped you close to the dungeon for Caul Recall.
After Levistras was defeated, it still remained a stronghold basis for the Virindi.

The island used to be a good hunting ground for mages. The thick, and fast, spawn consisted mainly of Tuskers, Virindi and Hollow Minions.

During the Mirror, Mirror event, Caul got a huge overhaul. The events before, many smaller incidents hinted at something going on deep down under Caul.
It turned out, Aerbax was conducting experiments, with help of the Shadow Ler Rhan, and the result was a radical change.
The once Virindi dominated island now shows a strong Shadow influence.

Not only did the island physically change (ridges becoming higher and more pronounced, and the plateau in the middle changed into a crater, Caulcano), but also the flora, and for all, the fauna.
The basic structure of the island was however still recognizable. Also, quite a few typical Caul landscape items, such as the Statues of Bael'Zharon, reappeared.
Many new creatures appeared on the landscape, which, never very green, has gotten a basic ash colour, with strangely deformed trees.
Also, some of the older dungeon got relocated (for example Caul Asylum), even to outside the island (for example, Aerbax's Holding), and new dungeons and POIs were introduced.


There are 3 ways to get to Singularity Caul:
First method:
Go into the Singularity Bore dungeon and run North (Up) to the top where there is a portal usable by those flagged to use it.

  • Note: it is easy to get caught up in the monsters if running straight through to the top without killing some of the spawn. The second is to have the recall spell.

Second method:
Singularity Caul Island may also be reached using Summoning Portal Gems, pulled out of the BMR chest. (Antiquated Compass, Desolate Seed, Warrior's Emblem, Burning Veil, Shadow Cursed Totem, Corrupted Skull, Seething Skull)
Third Method:
Complete Singularity Recall to obtain Recall to the Singularity Caul.

Related Quests

Geographic Areas


NPC Name Location Type Details
Solange 97.4S 94.6W -- Tenebrous Rift Kill Task, Umbral Rift Kill Task
Surloshen Realaidain 99.6S 96.7W -- Tunnel of Love Quest
Xireri 94.4S 96.6W -- Tunnel of Love Quest


Dropped Items
  • Atakir's Blade Icon.png
Atakir's Blade
  • Mite Leg Bone Icon.png
Mite Leg Bone
  • Katar of the Fallen Icon.png
Katar of the Fallen
  • Spear of the Fallen Icon.png
Spear of the Fallen
  • Bow of the Fallen Icon.png
Bow of the Fallen
  • Dirk of the Fallen Icon.png
Dirk of the Fallen
  • Crossbow of the Fallen Icon.png
Crossbow of the Fallen
  • Gikar's Dream Icon.png
Gikar's Dream
  • Plaguefang's Hide Icon.png
Plaguefang's Hide
  • Puppeteer's Skull Icon.png
Puppeteer's Skull
  • Scourge's Hide Icon.png
Scourge's Hide
  • Snarl's Hide Icon.png
Snarl's Hide
  • Scroll of Raven Fury Icon.png
Scroll of Raven Fury
  • Sezzherei's Lair (Portal Gem) Icon.png
Sezzherei's Lair (Portal Gem)

Landscape Items
  • Nightmare Gate (Object) Icon.png
Nightmare Gate (Object)
  • Statue of Bael'Zharon, the Hopeslayer Icon.png
Statue of Bael'Zharon, the Hopeslayer
  • Black Totem Gateway Icon.png
Black Totem Gateway
  • Black Marrow Reliquary Icon.png
Black Marrow Reliquary

Points of Interest



Dungeon Coordinates Wiki Map ACmaps Other Quests
The Orphanage Random Landscape Spawn -- 6548 -- --
Artifex Collegium 91.9S, 93.7W ArtifexCollegium.gif ArtifexCollegium.gif -- -- --
Caul Asylum 94.8S 91.0W -- 6045 -- --
Repository 89.3S 93.5W -- 0047 -- --
Tunnel of Love 94.4S, 96.6W -- -- -- --
Nightmare Gate 89.7S 93.9W -- 00F1 -- --


The spawns are fairly well separated by the ridges. For creature information see each specific area:

Rare Spawns

Carenzi Icon.png Carenzi

Doll Icon.png Doll

Margul Icon.png Margul

Marionette Icon.png Marionette

Mite Icon.png Mite

Rat Icon.png Rat

Reedshark Icon.png Reedshark

Rift Icon.png Rift

Shadow Icon.png Shadow

Zefir Icon.png Zefir


This was the way the island looked before Aerbax nuked it.


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