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Introduced:  Throne of Destiny Related Quests:  Rares Updated:  Shedding Skin, Master of Arms
Rare #203
Value: 50,000
200 Burden Units
Skullpuncher Icon.png

A piece of the Heroic Destroyer Set.

For reasons unknown, those who use this weapon feel compelled to strike their opponent in the head, earning it the name Skullpuncher. Many who have used the weapon swear they feel almost a narcotic euphoria when their enemies die in this manner.

Item Level: 0/50
Item XP: 0/2,000,000,000

Special Properties: Pierce Rending, Skeleton Slayer

Skill: Light Weapons (Unarmed Weapon)
Damage: 34.99 - 44 (??), Piercing
Speed: Fast (20) (0)
Bonus to Attack Skill: +18%
Bonus to Melee Defense: +18%

Casts the following spells: Epic Stamina Gain, Incantation of Rejuvenation Self, Epic Light Weapon Aptitude, Incantation of Blood Drinker, Incantation of Heart Seeker, Epic Blood Thirst

Rare #203

Spellcraft: 350
Mana: 1800
Mana Cost: 1 point per 30 seconds.

Silos Toy Box from Coldeve wielding Skullpuncher


  • The weapon now levels when you gain experience fighting with it and gives bonus spells the higher the level.

Update History

Shedding Skin
  • Now part of the Heroic Destroyer Set.
  • Base damage decreased from 27 - 54 to 27.04 - 34.
  • Attack/defense modifiers increased from 11% to 18%.
  • Crushing Blow changed to Skeleton Slayer.
  • Dropped on Death property removed.
  • Value increased from 3,500 to 50,000.
  • Spells updated from:
    • Minor Stamina Gain
    • Unflinching Persistence
    • Major Unarmed Aptitude
    • Infected Caress
    • Elysa's Sight

Master of Arms

  • Skill changed from Axe to Light Weapons and spells adjusted accordingly.
  • Base damage increased from 27.04 - 34 to 34.99 - 44.
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