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Introduced in Ancient Powers, the Societies of Dereth are factions that characters greater than level 180 are able to join. Societies provide players with high level content, including access to tier 7 loot. Characters are able to advance in rank within their society by completing tasks. Societies also provide a faction vs. faction PvP system, in the form of Land Control keeps.


Rytheran's recent actions related to the Graveyard have caused a disturbance in the Ley Lines of the world. The three societies have formed to gain control of the Ley Lines and use them for various purposes. For more information on the three societies, please visit their pages:

Society rank

See also: Society Quests

Once a player is part of a Society, they will need to complete a series of tasks in order to gain favor with their Society's leadership. Each series of tasks will take place in different locations around Dereth, based on what Society ranking the player is attempting to acquire. Players can ascend to rank five in their Society, but it takes much time and effort. Gaining ranks in a Society unlocks more tasks and rewards with things like pulls from Level 8 loot chests and unique Society Armor sets.

Land Control

Main article: Land Control

There are two forts or keeps that can be controlled by the three factions. The first of these is located just north of the Vesayen Isles, while the other fort is located in Northern Osteth near the top of the Dereth mainland. Each starts out being held by a rogue faction of Moarsmen who will need to be defeated in order to gain control of it. Players who want to control one of these forts will need to be player killers. However, non-player killers are able to fight the NPCs of the fort but cannot claim control of it.

Each fort has three banners that a PK must gain control of in order to take it. Once all three of these banners are "controlled" by the same faction, the fortress will be owned by that faction thus granting access to the Black Market. This portal will only be useable by the members of the controlling Society.

Society armor

Main article: Society Armor

There are unique sets of Society Armor for each of the three factions. You can gain more pieces to the set as you rise in society rank. For example, rank 1 initiates can obtain gauntlets and sollerets, rank 2 adepts can gain greaves and tassets and so on. Although the society armor is only available through the society strongholds, it is Loot generated and varies in armor level, workmanship, spells etc. Each piece of armor is also part of an Item Set, gaining bonus spells for the wearer as more pieces of the set are worn.

Society stipends

Main article: Society Stipends

The collection of these Society Stipends is on a 6 day and 22 hour timer. These rewards are directly aligned with whichever Society you have chosen and you must be a Master in that Society in order to collect these rewards.

Changing society

You can change your society allegiance by handing 100 MMD notes to Gaston Shadowbound in Ayan Baqur. Be prepared to lose your rank and all society quest items held in your inventory. Society resets can be only done once a month.

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Update history

Gaining Ground

  • New quests introduced for the Knight and Lord ranks.

The Risen Princess

  • Society stipends introduced.
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