Southern Shroud Cabal

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Quest Summary
Quest Type: Solo
Start Location: Southern Osteth outdoors, between Kara and Qalaba'r is a good area
Timer: 20 hours
Level Restrictions: None
Level Suggestions: 40+
Contracts: Contract for Southern Shroud Cabal
Rewards Summary
Items: None
MMDs: 1
Luminance: None
Max XP:
Full details here
Titles: None
Related Articles
Introduced In: The Beast With Many Heads
Updated In: Filling in the Blanks
Related Quests: Northern Shroud Cabal

Quest Overview

There are two Shroud Cabal Quest, the Northern Shroud Cabal and Southern, with similar quest sequence, and similar rewards.

Walk Through

  1. Find a Shroud Cabal Forager Captain. They spawn randomly on the landscape in Southern Osteth.
  2. Kill it, and loot a Forager Captain's Resonator.
  3. The inscription indicates where the Resonator should be turned in, the Southern Resonating Crystal is at 52.6S, 46.7E, between Khayyaban and Baishi.
    • Tip: From Baishi run to the Shara Portal at 50.1S, 63.5E.
  4. When you hand your Resonator to the Crystal, you get portaled into a dungeon with Shroud Cabal Foragers, Drudge Raveners and Augmented Drudges
  5. In the Dungeon, go general right and up through a series of rooms and corridors
  6. In a room with an altar and purple fireworks, kill the Shroud Cabal Ley-Leech
  7. Loot the Ley Leech's Medallion from the boss. It drops 1 per kill.
  8. Go to Nomendar al-Rakh in Sawato at 28.6S, 59.2E, and hand him the necklace to get experience.


Dungeon Coordinates Wiki Map ACmaps Other Quests
Southern Resonating Crystal 52.6S, 46.7E -- -- -- --


Quest Items
  • Forager Captain's Resonator Icon.png
Forager Captain's Resonator
  • Southern Resonating Crystal Icon.png
Southern Resonating Crystal
  • Ley-Leech's Orders Icon.png
Ley-Leech's Orders
  • Ley Leech's Medallion Icon.png
Ley Leech's Medallion

Experience Rewards

Task Required Max Experience Percentage & Level Cap
Hand the Ley Leech's Medallion to Nomendar al-Rakh 5,000,000xp

100% up to level 51

See Level Costs for per level information.

Detailed Walk Through

To start this quest first go hunt for a Shroud Cabal Forager Captain that can be found northeast of Qal'abar (it is a random spawn). Captains spawn with 3 Shroud Cabal Foragers. Kill the Captain and loot a Forager Captain's Resonator. Note that the coordinates of where you have to taken it are in the inscription of the item.

Goto 52.6S 46.7E where you will find a typical Menhir Ring formation with a Southern Resonating Crystal in the center. Hand your Forager Captain's Resonator to the crystal to be portaled into a dungeon.

If you use the surface portal you can just use the crystal again to reenter the dungeon. Unsure how long the flag lasts.

The dungeon is not very complex and has three types of monsters: Shroud Cabal Foragers, Drudge Raveners, and Augmented Drudges. At the end you will find a Shroud Cabal Ley-Leech. Kill him and loot a Ley Leech's Medallion and a piece of lore Ley-Leech's Orders. He only drops one of each item. Take the medallion to Nomendar al-Rakh for a reward.


Lore & Dialog

You give Southern Resonating Crystal Forager Captain's Resonator.

As you hold the resonator against the crystal, a warm, harmonious tone fills the center of the menhir ring, and you feel yourself being pulled gently into portal space...

You give Nomendar al-Rakh Ley Leech's Medallion.

Nomendar al-Rakh tells you, "Very interesting! This medallion can actually be used to directly siphon mana out of a node between ley lines, if one possesses the geomantic skill necessary... Not useful to one such as yourself, you understand, but I have colleagues who would find this medallion to be valuable and informative. All I can do is thank you with some practical experience..."

You've earned 5,000,000 experience.


  • During the Filling in the Blanks event, the experience reward was increased from 1,022,688xp (10% up to level 60) to 5,000,000xp (100% up to level 51).
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