Spear of the Given Heart Quest

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Quest Summary
Quest Type: Solo/Group
Start Location: Rithwic
Timer: 6 days
Level Restrictions: 115+
Rewards Summary
Full details here
Spear of the Given Heart
Max XP:
Full details here
Titles: None
Related Articles
Introduced In: That Which is Ours
Updated In: From Darkness, Light, Learning From Experience

Quest Overview

The search for Tamian Wilmot will uncover an ancient love story, and spear.

Walk Through

  1. Speak to Astara Duskshield in Rithwic at 10.3N 58.3E.
  2. She will send you to speak to Delton Hardor at 10.7N 59.4E.
  3. Delton sends you to speak to Ji Tenxien the Tailor at 10.7N 59.2E.
  4. From Ji, speak to Wylreda the Scribe at 10.6N 58.4E.
  5. Now make your way back to Astara Duskshield, she will then send you to Lin.
  6. Once in Lin you will find Tian Li Quan at 54.4S 73.1E. He will give you the Journal of Tamian Wilmot.
  7. Now we are off to our first dungeon, An Archive located at 63.5S 36.8E.
    • Route: A quick way to get here is to take the Ro-Nan portal outside Qalaba'r located at 74.8S 17.9E.
  8. Optional: Go into the dungeon and you will find A Note from Tamian Wilmot on the wall next to a locked door.
  9. The note will tell you to go outside the dungeon and find a group of Iron Golem Guardians to the Northwest.
  10. Kill the golems, one or more of them will drop a Key to an Archive. Head back into the dungeon, go through the door and follow it to the end.
  11. At the end of the dungeon you will find another Note from Tamian Wilmot, this one will direct you to the Aia's Tower outside Uziz.
  12. Head to the Tower Base Dungeon outside of Uziz located at 34.7S 33.6E. Go in the dungeon, follow it all the way until you reach the Upper Tower.
    • Route: Take the South Uziz Villas portal at 24.9S 29.8E and run to the Tower Base Dungeon from there.
  13. About halfway up the tower you will find a Stone Plaque and another Note from Tamian Wilmot besides it.
  14. Pick up the note, and head up one side of the tower, at the top will be a chest holding a Glass Token Half, do the same to the other side of the tower to receive the other half.
  15. Combine the halves into A Glass Token, and bring them to the room at the bottom of the tower. Give the token to the Spear of the Given Heart (Object) to receive the Spear of the Given Heart.
  16. Bring back the third note and journal to Astara Duskshield to receive your experience reward.


Dungeon Coordinates Wiki Map ACmaps Other Quests
An Archive 74.8S, 17.9E -- 5646 -- --
Tower Base Dungeon 34.7S, 33.6E -- 5647 -- --


Quest Items
  • A Glass Token Icon.png
A Glass Token
  • A Note from Tamian Wilmot Icon.png
A Note from Tamian Wilmot
  • Glass Token Half Icon.png
Glass Token Half
  • Journal of Tamian Wilmot Icon.png
Journal of Tamian Wilmot
  • Key to an Archive Icon.png
Key to an Archive Spear of the Given Heart (Object)
  • Stone Plaque Icon.png
Stone Plaque

  • Spear of the Given Heart Icon.png
Spear of the Given Heart

Experience Rewards

Task Required Max Experience Percentage & Level Cap
Turn in Journal of Tamian Wilmot to Astara Duskshield 23,400,000xp

??% up to level ??

Turn in A Note from Tamian Wilmot to Astara Duskshield 35,000,000xp

??% up to level ??

See Level Costs for per level information.


Lore & Dialog

Astara Duskshield tells you, "Hello. Have you seen Tamian Wilmit around at all lately? I have not seen him in quite some time now. I am concerned about him, he had been acting a bit strange lately. He is a very dear friend. If you could find where he is I would very much appreciate it. He had a row with my friend Delton Hardor. Very out of character for Tamian."

Astara Duskshield tells you, "Have you found anything out about Tamian yet?"

Delton Hardor tells you, "Have I seen Tamian Wilmit? Strange fellow he is, not very able. Seems he can do nothing. I do not understand why Astara is still friends with him. Tis true, they knew each other on Ispar when younger but he is of no use here. Little in the way of useful skills, he has."
Delton Hardor tells you, "Yes, you may go tell Astara I said so. He tried to fight me in sword practise. I swatted him finely for he is no good with a blade and he came at me like a rabid Carenzi. I had to give him a good thrashing, lucky he is we were using wood, not steel. Astara made me stop, also screamed at him, he slunk away like a drudge."
Delton Hardor tells you, "I believe the last time I saw him was over by Ji Tenxien the Tailor. You could ask her."

Delton Hardor tells you, "Do not bother me about Tamian any more, go talk to someone else about him."

Ji Tenxien the Tailor tells you, "No, I have not seen Tamian Wilmit, not in a while. That boy is not good for much. Lazy, if you ask me. Always has his nose stuck in a piece of parchment. Perhaps Wylreda the Scribe has seen him. Tamian is always scrounging parchment off her."

Wylreda the Scribe tells you, "Tamian, has not been here lately, now that you mention it. Always in need of parchment, he is. He helps me out a bit in exchange for it. Cannot seem to do much around here but he is deft with ink and quill. Draws quite well, you know."
Wylreda the Scribe tells you, "Hmmm. An acquaintance of mine, a Scribe named Tian Li Quan traveled through here recently and stayed with Tamian's family. Tamian was fascinated with some Empyrean relic the Scribe had evidence of. Perhaps his friend Astara knows of this, you should ask her."

Astara Duskshield tells you, "No word of Tamian? I suppose not, I spoke with most people here myself. I know Delton is still angry at him. Well, Tamian acted a bit wild that day when he and Delton fought, but perhaps he is just not used to swordplay and grew furious when Delton swatted him. Delton is quite good with a sword. Tamian knows nothing about them."
Astara sighs
Astara Duskshield tells you, "Of late, Tamian had been extremely interested in something a Scribe who was travelling[sic] through here had given him. It had to do with a tower. Tamian is always drawing towers and such. The Scribe was named Tian Li Quan and resides in Lin, I believe. Tamian is no great traveler and that is quite a way from here. Strange that he would go and say nothing, but perhaps..."

Tian Li Quan tells you, "Why yes, I do know Tamian Wilmit. I met him when I was travelling through Rithwic. Then he came here not too long ago. He seemed unhappy, and driven. His goal is to find an Empyrean structure that I had shown him evidence of, a sketch I let him have while staying with his family. He did some research while he was here but did not speak much to me about it."
Tian Li Quan tells you, "He left me a sealed copy of his journal in case someone came by looking for him. I think you are not the person he imagined may show up but I believe I should let you have it. He went to look for this structure. He went west."

Tian Li Quan gives you Journal of Tamian Wilmot.

You successfully connected the two halfs of the glass key.

You give Spear of the Given Heart A Glass Token.
You obtain the Spear of the Given Heart.
Spear of the Given Heart gives you Spear of the Given Heart.

You give Astara Duskshield Journal of Tamian Wilmot.
Astara Duskshield tells you, "I... I did not know..."
Astara Duskshield tells you, "Thank you for giving me this."

You've earned 23,400,000 experience.

You give Astara Duskshield A Note from Tamian Wilmot.
Astara Duskshield tells you, "Oh, Tamian!"
You've earned 35,000,000 experience.

Astara Duskshield tells you, "Thank you for looking for Tamian. I don't know what to say."


  • During the From Darkness, Light event, the quest was updated with the following changes:
    • Level 115 restriction added to dungeons.
    • Creatures updated.
    • Spear updated with new spells and fire damage.
  • During the Learning From Experience event, the spear's base damage was updated and the experience rewards received the following updates:
    • Journal reward updated from 6,000xp to 23,400,000xp.
    • Note reward updated from 20,000xp to 35,000,000xp.
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