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"Assassin's Crossbow" Summoning Gem to 02E7
02E8 to 47.6S, 86.3W - Drudge Tower
47.8S, 83.6W - Cave to 8C04
8D00 to A Shadow of Ler Rhan
A Shivering Stone to Aerlinthe Minion of T'thuun
Aerlinthe Monarch Shirt to Ancient Armored Long Boots (40+)
Ancient Armored Long Boots (70+) to Arcanum Refurbisher
Arcanum Research Facility to Assault Crossbow
Assault Dirk to Bael'Zharon Flag
Bael'Zharon Stamp to Black Minnow
Black Molly to Bloody Scrawled Note
Bloody Tooth to Bronze Tower Shield
Bronze Wind-up Gear Knight to Caulnalain Satellite Fragment
Caulnalain Shadow Leader to Clutch of Kings (Kiree)
Clutch of Kings (Reeshan) to Contract for Shoguth Moarsmen
Contract for Sisters of Light to Crossbow Mastery Self I
Crossbow Mastery Self II to Death's Embrace
Death's Feast to Diseased Mangy Carenzi Liver
Diseased Phyntos Wasp to Eldrytch Web Nyr'leha Beach Fort
Eldrytch Web Olthoi Shield Cover to Enzo Ilario
Eotensfang to Faran Creature Master Robe
Faran Item Apprentice Robe to Fish Stamp
Fish Stew to Fragment
Fragment (Creature) to Gelidite's Gift
Gelidite Acolyte to Golem Hunting: Lost City of Neftet
Golem Hunting: Lost City of Neftet (Level 200+) to Guardian (Blackmire)
Guardian Armoredillo to Healer Deme du Laur
Healer Dragando the Leech to Hive Maggot Giant
Hive Olthoi Egg to Inactive Fletcher's Golem (Journeyman)
Inactive Fletcher's Golem (Master) to Ink of Formation
Ink of Nullification to Ithaenc Archipelago
Ithaenc Archipelago (Portal) to Key (Thieves' Den)
Key (Water Temple) to Leaden Weapon I
Leaden Weapon II to Light Weapon Mastery Self V
Light Weapon Mastery Self VI to Loyalty Gem of Forgetfulness
Loyalty Reset Quest to Major Shadow Gauntlets (Stinging Shrouded Soul Set)
Major Shadow Girth to Martyr's Hecatomb I
Martyr's Hecatomb II to Microsoft Zone Archive/Play Asheron's Call
Microsoft Zone Archive/Player Chronicles to Modified Gauraloi
Modified Habraeloi to Nekshla
Nelamar's War Magic Scroll to Nuhmudira's Endowment of Quickness and Armor
Nuhmudira's Endowment of Quickness and Bludgeoning to Osric Cottages
Osseous Mace to Perfect Dissolving Isparian Atlatl
Perfect Dissolving Isparian Axe to Powdered Amber
Powdered Amber Pea to Quill of Extraction
Quill of Infliction to Rejuvenation Self VI
Rekindling the Light to Rubble
Rubid al-Jurma to Scarecrow Guard
Scarecrow Guise to Scroll of Corrosion IV
Scroll of Corrosion V to Scroll of Health to Mana Self IV
Scroll of Health to Mana Self V to Scroll of Nether Bolt VI
Scroll of Nether Bolt VII to Scroll of War Magic Mastery Other IV
Scroll of War Magic Mastery Other V to Shadow Vortex
Shadow Vortex (Tou-Tou) to Sigil of Vigor IV (Stamina)
Sigil of Vigor IX (Stamina) to Sneak Attack Mastery Other VII
Sneak Attack Mastery Self I to Speed of the Hunter
Speed the Conclave to Stormwaltz Quotes/On Aluvian Rulers
Stormwaltz Quotes/On Asheron to Taint Mana
Tainted Aetherium Oil to The Shattered Coil - Monthly Summary
The Silent Watchers to Trade Bot
Trade Contacts to Tusker Barracks
Tusker Blight to VIII Creature Scrolls
VIII Creature Scrolls/Archive to Vulnerability Other II
Vulnerability Other III to White Fire Infusion
White Fish to Zarea bint Zia
Zatara to Zumaq al-Jaluzi
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