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"Assassin's Crossbow" Summoning Gem to 02E4
02E5 to 47.2N, 63.3E - Villas
47.3S, 10.6E - Empyrean Ruins to 8A00
8A02 to A Ruin (Samsur)
A Ruin (Shoushi) to Aerfalle's Supreme Pallium
Aerfalle's Token to Ancient Armored Bracers (100+)
Ancient Armored Bracers (40+) to Arcane Pedestal Quest
Arcane Pyramid to Assassin's Dagger
Assassin's Dagger Summoning Gem to Baby Snow Tusker
Baby Thrungus to Black Fish
Black Flame to Bloodletter Drudge Charm
Bloodletter Quarrel to Bronze Longbow
Bronze Longbow (Statue) to Castling Tinkering Lttp
Catacombs to Clothing Stat Template
Cloud of Mold Spores to Contract for Nalicana's Test
Contract for Nanjou Stockade to Crimped Hat
Crimson Brace of Pain to Deadly Blunt Atlatl Dart
Deadly Blunt Quarrel to Dirty Fighting Ineptitude (Spell)
Dirty Fighting Ineptitude Other I to Egg Orchard East
Egg Orchard West to Enhanced Soul Staff
Enhanced Sparking Atlan Axe to Falatacot Raider
Falatacot Report Collector to Fire Wisp Essence (180)
Fire Wisp Essence (50) to Forum:Possible new way of implementing item values for shopkeepers
Forum:Quest Item Category to Gear Craft Mastery Other III
Gear Craft Mastery Other IV to Gold Hill Ruins (Portal Gem)
Gold Hill Ruins Gem to Gromnie Banner
Gromnie Banner (Framed) to Hea Totem
Hea Totem Quest to Hieroglyph of Weapon Tinkering Expertise
Hieromancer's Armor to Imbued Pyreal Mote Vizidh
Imbued Pyreal Nugget to Infinite Deadly Frost Arrowheads
Infinite Elaborate Dried Rations to Isparian Weapons
Isparian Weapons Modifying Tool to Kaywin
Kaza Nijina the Archmage to Large Carrion Rat
Large Chest to Lieutenant Allandal
Lieutenant Aurin to Lord Rytheran (Disturbance in the Ley Lines NPC)
Lord Rytheran (Level 105 Creature) to Major Coruscating Isparian Staff
Major Coruscating Isparian Two Handed Sword to Manumet Plains
Map Panel to Microsoft Zone Archive/Asheron's Call Handbook/Upcoming Fellowship ...
Microsoft Zone Archive/Asheron's Lore to Moarsman Muck
Moarsman Priest of T'thuun to NPC Template
NPCs to Nuhmudira's Benefaction of Quickness
Nuhmudira's Benefaction of Quickness and Acid to Olthoibane Sword of Lost Light
Omadin to Peerless Atlan Claw
Peerless Atlan Claw of Black Fire to Polar Carenzi
Polar Ursuin to Qafiya (Loot)
Qalaba'r to Reeigne's Blessing
Reeigne's Boon to Robber Baron Head
Robe of the Tundra to Sanamar Portal Gem
Sanamar Starter Quests to Scroll of Bludgeon Protection Other
Scroll of Bludgeon Protection Other II to Scroll of Frost Arc V
Scroll of Frost Arc VI to Scroll of Magic Yield Other
Scroll of Magic Yield Other II to Scroll of Sword Mastery Other VI
Scroll of Sword Mastery Self to Shadow's Heart
Shadow's Mind to Shreth (Town Network Painting)
Shreth Armor to Slowness
Slowness (Spell) to Spear Mastery Self VI
Spear Skill Puzzle Piece to Statue of Item Tinker's Wish
Statue of King Varicci II to Swarthy Mattekar
Swarthy Mattekar Hide to The First Strike--Frostfell, PY 12 (December, 2001)
The Fist of Bellenesse to Toberik's Report
Toby Ragaini to Tumerok Controller
Tumerok Controller (Falcon Clan) to Unfinished Temple
Unflinching Persistence to Virindi Puppet
Virindi Quiddiox to Weave of Sneak Attack II
Weave of Sneak Attack III to Yaja's Reach
Yaja's Reach Quest to Zumaq al-Jaluzi
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