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"Assassin's Crossbow" Summoning Gem to 02D7
02D8 to 45.0N, 37.2E - Barn
45.0N, 37.5E - Abandoned Hut to 87.2S, 27.3E - Gotrok Raider Camp
87.3S, 71.0W - Gromnie Spawn to A Pair Of Explorer Leggings
A Pair Of Explorer Pauldrons to Aegis of the Golden Flame (Spell)
Aerbax to An Explorer Girth
An Explorer Jitte to Apprentice Soldier's Spear Aptitude
Apprentice Soldier's Staff Aptitude to Asheron's Call Manual/Shoushi
Asheron's Call Manual/Yanshi to Avoren Palacost
Avorgild the Shopkeeper to Belt Pouch (Brown)
Belt Pouch (Green) to Blighted Mana Crystal
Blighted Miry Moarsman to Brier Wasp
Brier Wasp Hive to Cap (Grey)
Cap (Purple Brown) to Chittick (Town Network Painting)
Chittick Head to Contract for Bandit Mana Hunter Boss
Contract for Behind the Mask to Cow
Cow (Creature) to Dame Tsaya's Letter to Sir Rylanan
Dame Tularin to Deteriorated Aegis
Determination to Dual Wield Mastery Other VI
Dual Wield Mastery Other VII to Empyrean Stamina Absorbtion
Empyrean Standing Stone to Execution Log of Strathelar Modification
Executor's Blessing to Fiazhat
Fidisa the Agile to Focus Self I
Focus Self II to Frostfell, 19 PY
Frostfell, 20 PY to Gharu'ndim Rumor
Gharu'ndim War Mage to Greater Celdon Girth of Acid
Greater Celdon Girth of Flame to Halaetan Isles
Halaetan Magic to Hearty Healing Fish Noodle
Hearty Healing Fish Pie to Hoshino Town 2
Hoshino Town 3 to Incantation of Greater Conveyic Chant
Incantation of Greater Corrosive Ward to Inscription of Heart Seeker
Inscription of Heavy Weapon Ineptitude Other to Jester (NPC)
Jester Card to Kir Loz
Kira Sojini to Leather Straps
Leather Tassets to Lightning Protection (Spell)
Lightning Protection Gem to Luminance Flagging
Luminance Flagging Quest to Major Shadow Tassets (Stinging Darkened Mind Set)
Major Shadow Tassets (Stinging Shrouded Soul Set) to Master Archer's Bow Aptitude
Master Archer's Crossbow Aptitude to Midhill Cottages
Midistaff the Learned to Monouga Laboratory (150+)
Monouga Laboratory (80+) to Nether Arc VII
Nether Blast (Spell) to Nuhmudira's Endowment of Self and Fire
Nuhmudira's Endowment of Self and Lightning to Osric
Osric Cottages to Perfect Coruscating Isparian Atlatl
Perfect Coruscating Isparian Axe to Portal to a bit more Westward
Portal to the Beach Fort to Quickness (Spell)
Quickness Other I to Reinforced Falcon Banner with Symbol
Reinforced Falcon Spear to Rowan Pea
Rowan Talisman to Sapphire Gromnie
Sapphire Gromnie Eye to Scroll of Brittlemail II
Scroll of Brittlemail III to Scroll of Gear Craft Ineptitude IV
Scroll of Gear Craft Ineptitude Other to Scroll of Mana Mastery Self
Scroll of Mana Mastery Self II to Scroll of The Golden Wind (Dais)
Scroll of The Shaft to Shadow (Lugian)
Shadow (Town Network Painting) to Shreth (Town Network Painting)
Shreth Armor to Slithis Tendril
Slithis Tendril Vine to Spear Ineptitude Other VI
Spear Ineptitude Self I to Stasis Wisp
Static to Surloshen's Helm
Surloshen Realaidain to The Council of Sages
The Crafter to Timeline of Auberean
Timeline of Ispar to Trothyr's War Hammer
Troublesome Mite to Uncapped Magic Scepter
Uncapped Magical Scepter to Viridian Key of the Second Portal
Viridian Key of the Sixth Portal to Weapon Tinkering Expertise (Spell)
Weapon Tinkering Expertise Other I to Wrapped Bundle of Deadly Arrowheads
Wrapped Bundle of Deadly Barbed Arrowheads to Zumaq al-Jaluzi
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