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"Assassin's Crossbow" Summoning Gem to 02D6
02D7 to 44.9N, 36.4E - Healer
44.9N, 36.4E - Healer's House to 8603
8604 to A Pair Of Explorer Leather Pauldrons
A Pair Of Explorer Leather Pauldrons (Retired) to Advocates
Aegis to An Explorer Buckler (Retired)
An Explorer Crossbow to Apprentice Soldier's Axe Aptitude
Apprentice Soldier's Dagger Aptitude to Asheron's Call Manual
Asheron's Call Manual/Al-Arqas to Avarin
Avatania Cottages to Bellig Top
Bellig Tower to Blighted Dire Ursuin
Blighted Disgusting Moarsman to Brewing
Brewmaster's Back Cover to Cap
Cap (Blue) to Chipped Message Shard (Lugian)
Chiran-Tou to Contract for Aetherium Power Core Collection
Contract for Aetherium Raid (High) to Cove Apple Wine (Drudge Hovel)
Covenant Armor to Damaged Celestial Hand Commendation Ribbon
Damaged Eldrytch Web Commendation Ribbon to Destiny's Wind
Destroy Rynthid Crystals to Dual Wield
Dual Wield Gem of Enlightenment to Empyrean Rejuvenation
Empyrean Rescue to Ewer
Examine Target Panel to Festival Stone of Warmtide
Festival Stone of Wintersebb to Flour
Flurry of Stars to Frost Wisp Essence (180)
Frost Wisp Essence (50) to Gharu'n Victory Villas
Gharu'ndim to Greater Artificant Chant
Greater Atlatl Dart to Hafted Serpent Banner
Hafted Serpent Banner with Crest to Hearty Cake
Hearty Carrot Cake to Horrible Mu-miyah
Horrid Remoran to Incantation of Focus Other
Incantation of Focus Self to Inscription of Flame Bolt
Inscription of Flame Lure to Jedeth Eckhart
Jeeves to King 3 Broodu Part 4
King 4 Keerik Part 1 to Leather Boots (Light Grey)
Leather Boots (Yellow Brown) to Lightning K'nath Essence (50)
Lightning K'nath Essence (80) to Lugian Miner (Releasing the Light)
Lugian Mines to Major Shadow Pauldrons (Smoldering Shrouded Soul Set)
Major Shadow Pauldrons (Sparking Clouded Spirit Set) to Mask of the Watcher of Black Water
Masked Memories to Microsoft Zone Archive/Player Chronicles/Lu Lynn's Story
Microsoft Zone Archive/Player Chronicles/Mutual Rescue to Modified Lautaloi
Modified Left Peg Leg to Nefane Pearl
Nefane Shell to Nuhmudira's Endowment of Coordination and Fire
Nuhmudira's Endowment of Coordination and Lightning to Order of the Perfect Light
Order of the Raven Hand to Penumbral Horror
Penumbral Shadowmage to Portal Recall
Portal Servitor to Quest Guide Template
Quest Guide Template Discussion Archive to Refreshment
Refulgent Bracelet to Rogue's Crystal
Rogue Delvings to Sand Kings
Sand Kings Cottages to Scroll of Bludgeon Protection Self
Scroll of Bludgeon Protection Self II to Scroll of Frore Ward
Scroll of Frost Arc I to Scroll of Magic Item Tinkering Expertise Other III
Scroll of Magic Item Tinkering Expertise Other IV to Scroll of Superior Hieromantic Chant
Scroll of Superior Inferno Ward to Settlements
Seven Habits of Effective Adventurers to Shopkeeper Polly
Shopkeeper Renald the Elder to Slaying Pooky
Slaying Spiketooth to Southern Infiltrator Keep
Southern Infiltrator Master to Stamped Holtburg Lucky Gold Letter
Stamped Holtburg Scarlet Red Letter to Superb Isparian Axe Ingot
Superb Isparian Mace to The Ancient Queen
The Arcanum to Tidal Siraluun Claw Scissors
Tidal Siraluun Dress to Trophies by Creature/Grievver
Trophies by Creature/Gromnie to Umbral Crucible
Umbral Crucible Base to Viamontian Reconaissance
Viamontian Reconnaissance to Way Back to Tekapuapuh's
Wayfarer to Woodshore Cottages
Woodsman to Zumaq al-Jaluzi
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