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"Assassin's Crossbow" Summoning Gem to 02DE
02E0 to 46.0N, 44.6E - Collector's Hut
46.0N, 8.0W - Archmage Lifestone to 88.3S, 64.5W - Cave and Lifestone
88.6S, 66.8W - Meeting Hall Style Building to A Phial of Bloody Tears
A Poorly Translated Journal to Aerbax's Shadow
Aerbax's Valley to An Olthoi Soldier Nest
An Olthoi Soldiers Nest to Arcane Benightedness (Spell)
Arcane Benightedness Other I to Asheron (Knorr Quiddity Seed)
Asheron (NPC) to Axe of the Quiddity
Axefall Glen to Bhab, Arcanum Tinkerer
Bhah Dhah Villas to Blood Curse Rat
Blood Disease to Broken Key (Low)
Broken Key (Lower) to Carnelian Salvage
Carnivorous Carenzi to Circle of Raven Might
Circle of Sages to Contract for Jailbreak: Ardent Leader
Contract for Jailbreak: Blessed Leader to Crater Lake Village
Crater Pathway to Dark Recordings
Dark Reflexes to Digby
Dillo Butte Settlement to East Span Way Settlement
East Temple Key to Enfeeble Self IV
Enfeeble Self V to Eye of the Fallen
Eye of the Grunt to Fire Child Essence (125)
Fire Child Essence (150) to Force Streak IV
Force Streak V to Game Reviews
Gameplay to Global
Global Announcement to Greater Soothing Wind
Greater Speed the Conclave to Harm Other II
Harm Other III to Helm of the Black Totem
Helm of the Crag to Hunter Quest (Tumerok Gladiators)
Hunter Quest (Tusker Guards) to Incantation of Shield Mastery Self
Incantation of Shock Arc to Introductions
Introspective Quill of Formation to Jubilee Rug
Judge of the Appeasement to Kul'dir
Kul Bronzegear to Lesser Conveyic Chant
Lesser Corrosive Ward to Lock
Lock (Main Gate) to Mace Stamped Silveran Ingot
Mace Stamped Spectral Ingot to Mana Conversion Ineptitude Other I
Mana Conversion Ineptitude Other II to Melee Defense
Melee Defense (Skill) to Minor Smoldering Atlan Mace
Minor Smoldering Atlan Sword to Mountain Keep
Mountain Keep - Alloy Sprocket to Noble Swordstaff
Noble Swordstaff Chest to Old Zombie (90+)
Olivier Rognath to Pants (Red Brown)
Pants (Rosa) to Piercing Protection Other I
Piercing Protection Other II to Prodigal Rejuvenation
Prodigal Salvaging Mastery to Rare Template
Rares to Representative of the Singularity
Reprisals to Rynthid Rare Boss
Rynthid Ravager to Scroll of Acid Protection Other III
Scroll of Acid Protection Other IV to Scroll of Dual Wield Mastery Self V
Scroll of Dual Wield Mastery Self VI to Scroll of Item Tinkering Ignorance V
Scroll of Item Tinkering Ignorance VI to Scroll of Resist Magic Other III
Scroll of Resist Magic Other IV to Search for Gareth Dain
Search for Lunnum to Shendolain Crystal
Shendolain Crystal Atlatl to Singed Note
Single Spine Grievver Spike Oil to Sodden Ruschk Chieftain
Sodden Undead Ruschk to Spitter Head Metamorphi (Critical Damage)
Spitter Head Metamorphi (Critical Strike) to Strengthen Lock I
Strengthen Lock II to Tanami Kei
Tanda Soroku to Thieving Mosswart
Thieving Thrungus to Translated History Book (An Old Volume)
Translated History Book (Dusty Volume) to Tuskie Thrower
Tuskie Tosser to Velvet Salvage
Velveteen Olthoi to Wantorth the Shopkeeper
War Armoredillo to Wide Breeches
Wide Breeches (Brown) to Zogblaster Archive/Heritage Groups/Gharu'ndim/Gharu'ndim Factions
Zogblaster Archive/Heritage Groups/Gharu'ndim/Gharu'ndim Kingdom in... to Zumaq al-Jaluzi
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