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"Assassin's Crossbow" Summoning Gem to 02E3
02E4 to 462D
47.2N, 26.5W - Cottage to 89.8S, 96.6W - Empyrean Temple Ruin
8900 to A Ruin
A Ruin (Arwic) to Aerfalle's Greater Ward
Aerfalle's Letter to Anchovy Dough
Ancient Altar to Arcane Enlightenment Self VI
Arcane Lore to Asphyxiation
Assagai to BM1
BZ to Black Death Catacombs
Black Death Catacombs Quiddity Ingot to Blood of the World
Blooded Copper Invader Lord Helm to Bronze Gauntlet Heavy Scout
Bronze Gauntlet Knight to Cast on Strike
Casters to Cleaving
Clemenza to Contract for Legendary Quests Icon
Contract for Legendary Questss Icon to Creed
Creeper Mosswart to David
Davis the Tailor to Direlands Midlands
Direlands Mine Commander to Edelbar
Edelbar Directions to Enhanced Mucor
Enhanced Obsidian Axe to Falacatot Medaillon
Faladha to Fire Spectre
Fire Spectre Essence (100) to Forum:General versus Personal Pages
Forum:Home Page Redesign (An Adventurer Mar 2009) to Gauntlets of Markmanship
Gauntlets of Marksmanship to Glyph of Thrown Weapons
Glyph of Two Handed Combat to Grievver Violator
Grievver Violator Kill Task to Hea Camauri
Hea Camauri the Barkeep to Hieroglyph of Bow Mastery
Hieroglyph of Cooking Mastery to Ifistra
Ifisveraqu to Inert Shadowfire Infusion
Inert Skeletonbane Infusion to Ishilai Inlet Settlement
Ishilai Inlet Villas to Kaluhc's Blessing
Kaluhc's Boon to Lance of the Bloodletter
Lance of the Quiddity to Leviathan
Leviathan's Curse to Lord Eorlinde
Lord Ghere to Maguth Moarsman
Mahara Cottages to Mana to Health Self I
Mana to Health Self II to Microsoft Games Archive/Technical
Microsoft Games Archive/Technical/Toby Ragaini Interview to Mite Tunnels
Mite Tunnels Mansion to Musansayn
Musansayn's House Directions to Novice Soldier's Finesse Weapon Aptitude
Novice Soldier's Heavy Weapon Aptitude to Olthoi Sentinel Tracker
Olthoi Servant to Peculiar Old Dagger
Peda to Platinum Phial of Fire Vulnerability
Platinum Phial of Imperil to Pyre Champion
Pyre Claw to Red Rune Silveran Weapons
Red Rune Slashing Silveran Wand to Ripper
Ripper Grievver to Salvaged Silver
Salvaged Smokey Quartz to Scroll of Blade Blast IV
Scroll of Blade Blast V to Scroll of Fletching Mastery Self II
Scroll of Fletching Mastery Self III to Scroll of Lockpick Mastery Other II
Scroll of Lockpick Mastery Other III to Scroll of Strength Other III
Scroll of Strength Other IV to Serpent Burial Grounds Quest
Serpent Burial Ruins to Shopkeep Mirinda
Shopkeep Qufar ibn Ijtalwa to Slavemaster Quest
Slayer Token to Southern Osteth Menhir Ring
Southern Overseer to Standard Text Template
Standing Orders to Superior Scythe Ward
Superior Shield to The Callous Heart Quest
The Calm to Timberman's Hat
Timberman Title Token to Trousers (Bright Green)
Trousers (Dark Blue) to Uncooked Ginger Bread Pumpkin
Uncooked Rice to Virindi Captive
Virindi Castaway to Weapon Upgrade Kit
Weapon Upgrade Kit Containment Gem to Wrath of Adja
Wrath of Celcynd to Zumaq al-Jaluzi
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