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"Assassin's Crossbow" Summoning Gem to 02E0
02E1 to 46.2S, 71.8W - Menhir Ring
46.3N, 60.3E - Cottage to 8800
8802 to A Primer on Halaetan Geography
A Rat Nest to Aerbax Arc
Aerbax Laboratory to An Unlocked Tiny Mnemosyne
An Unsigned Message to Arcane Benightedness Other VI
Arcane Benightedness Self I to Asheron Mask
Asheron Realaidain to Ayan Baqur Moarsman Fort
Ayan bakur to Big Spring Patch Preview
Big Wreath to Blood Drinker Scroll
Blood Drinker Scroll II to Broken Lever (Upper)
Broken Occultus Seal to Carraida's Benediction
Carraida's Benediction Set to Citadel Portal Gem
Citadel Surface to Contract for Kill: Gear Knights
Contract for Kill: Rynthid Minions to Creature Enchantment
Creature Enchantment (Skill) to Dark Scarab
Dark Shard to Dire Champion Monouga
Dire Champion Shadow to Eastern Vault Key
Eastern Vault Notes to Enhanced Assault Bow
Enhanced Assault Cestus to Ezheret
Ezheret-Hazahtu to Fire Grievver Essence (180)
Fire Grievver Essence (50) to Forge Golem
Forge Guardian to Gardener Token
Gardens of Menilesh to Glowing Moar Gland Collector
Glowing Mosswart Shroud to Gredaline Consulate
Gredaline Villas to Harrag
Harrag's Crystalline Dagger to Hendac Tharesun
Hendac the Watcher to Hyem
Hyip the Toad to Incantation of Strength Other
Incantation of Strength Self to Invitation to Master Fletchers
Invitation to the Battle Burrows to Jumping Mastery Other II
Jumping Mastery Other III to Lacarra Avanthi
Lace Shirt to Lesser Koujia Shadow Leggings
Lesser Koujia Shadow Leggings (Post-Patch) to Lockpick Mastery Other IV
Lockpick Mastery Other V to Mage's Pass
Mage's Understanding to Mana Depletion Other IV
Mana Depletion Other V to Merchant (41.7N, 35.2E)
Merchant (75.5N 10.6E) to Minor Void Magic Aptitude
Minor War Magic Aptitude to Mu-miyah Grand Vizier
Mu-miyah Guardian to North Dires
North Eastham Meadow to Olthoi Brood Matron (West)
Olthoi Brood Matron Nymph to Paradox-touched Olthoi Sentinel
Paradox-touched Olthoi Shield to Pile of Short Sticks
Pile of Spare Parts to Promotions Officer
Prophecies to Ravener Guts
Ravenous Armor to Resonant Portal (Mar'uun)
Resonant Portal (Portal Space Time Travel) to Sabithra
Sable Gromnie to Scroll of Alchemy Ineptitude Other VI
Scroll of Alchemy Mastery Other to Scroll of Exhaustion Other V
Scroll of Exhaustion Other VI to Scroll of Leadership Ineptitude III
Scroll of Leadership Ineptitude IV to Scroll of Shield Ineptitude Other
Scroll of Shield Ineptitude Other II to Seasoned Explorer Quarter Staff
Seasoned Explorer Ring Of Endurance to Shield Mastery Self V
Shield Mastery Self VI to Sir Adarl
Sir Alayne to Soldier Pedipalp Metamorphi (Critical Damage)
Soldier Pedipalp Metamorphi (Critical Strike) to Spray of Coins
Spring's Sorrows to Sturdy Iron Chest
Sturdy Iron Key to Tch'Keryk the Emissary's Severed Head
Tchk'Tain the Tender to Thralled Guruk Heavy
Thralled Guruk Hulk to Treated Cadmia and Henbane Crucible
Treated Cadmia and Hyssop Crucible to Two Hander Specialist's Gauntlets
Two Headed Snowman to Vesayen Isles
Vesayen Isles Portal to Warden (Colier)
Warden (Dryreach) to Wilomine
Wilomine Villas to Zumaq al-Jaluzi
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