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"Assassin's Crossbow" Summoning Gem to 02EA
02EB to 48.3N, 80.5W - Olthoi Dam Structure
48.6S, 60.0E - Baishi Fort to 9.0N, 4.2E - Monouga Houses
9.0N, 65.7W - Tumerok Outpost to A Society Basinet
A Society Boots to Aetheria Desiccant
Aetheria Mana Stone to Ancient Discoveries
Ancient Dusty Key to Archer's Set
Archer Bait to Assess Person Gem of Forgetfulness
Assessment Skill to Bag of Gumdrops
Bag of Life Stone Chips to Black Thistle
Black Thistle (Retired) to Bludgeoning Protection Self IV
Bludgeoning Protection Self V to Brother's Keeper
Brother Gonun the Scribe to Cedraic
Cedraic III to Cocooned Auroch
Coda to Controlled Frost
Controlled Tusker to Crude Carving
Crude Fire Resistance to Deception Ineptitude Other VI
Deception Ineptitude Self I to Djusufa bint Huqis the Jeweler
Djuyat ibn Fisa the Armorer to Elemental Slayer
Elemental Talisman to Epic Piercing Ward
Epic Quickness to Favored Sons
Favored Sons - Monthly Summary to Flame Bane V
Flame Bane VI to Fried Anchovy Dough
Fried Chicken to Gem of Improved Piercing Protection
Gem of Improved Protection to Grand Bed
Grand Casino Chest to Gurog Creation
Gurog Grump to Healing Mushroom Pie
Healing Mushroom Stew to Hollow Weapons Quest
Hollowed-Out Tree Trunk to Incantation of Dagger Ineptitude Other
Incantation of Dagger Ineptitude Self to Inscription of Cooking Mastery Self
Inscription of Coordination Self to Janda's Apprentice
Janda Sulifiya to King 3 Broodu Part 1
King 3 Broodu Part 2 to Leather Greaves
Leather Helm to Lightning Protection Other I
Lightning Protection Other II to Luminous Amber: Greaves of the Tower
Luminous Amber: Greaves of the Tower Icon.png to Major Sparking Atlan Sword
Major Sparking Atlan Two Handed Sword to Master Salvager's Boon
Master Salvager's Greater Boon to Mini Horrid Remoran
Mini Iron Spined Chittick to Morningthaw, 13 PY
Morningthaw, 14 PY to Nexus Shadow Captain
Nexus Soul Crystal Shard to Obsidian Blight Lord
Obsidian Bridge to Pack Tower Guardian
Pack Ursuin to Phantom Axe
Phantom Bow to Prison Key
Prison Warden's Chest to Ran Le the Librarian
Ranarre to Renegade Tewhate of the Mountains
Renegade Tewhate of the Rivers to Rusted Battle Axe
Rusted Brass Key to Scrivener of Item Magic
Scrivener of Life Magic to Scroll of Drain Stamina Other III
Scroll of Drain Stamina Other IV to Scroll of Item Tinkering Expertise Other VI
Scroll of Item Tinkering Expertise Self to Scroll of Resist Magic Other III
Scroll of Resist Magic Other IV to Seasonal
Seasonal Items to Shendolain Vestibule
Shendolain Vestibule Quest to Singularity Katar
Singularity Key to Soldier Foot Metamorphi (Critical Strike)
Soldier Foot Metamorphi (Damage Rating) to Spring's Sorrows--Wintersebb, PY 12 (March, 2001)
Spring 2014 to Sublime Elari Wood Bow
Sublime Necklace of Acid and Piercing Protection to Tekapuapuh
Tekapuapuh's Note to Throwing Axe
Throwing Club to Treated Turpeth and Henbane Crucible
Treated Turpeth and Hyssop Crucible to Ulgrim's Cottage
Ulgrim's Drinking Contest to Viamont Toast
Viamontian to Water
Water Elemental to Wood Heart
Wood Stove to Zumaq al-Jaluzi
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