Spectral Crystal of the Life Giver

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Introduced:  Dark Materials Related Quests:  Spectral Mastery Crystals
Spectral Crystal of the Life Giver
Value: 5
5 Burden Units
Spectral Crystal of the Life Giver Icon.png

Using this gem will increase your Life Magic skill by 150 for 9 minutes.

Special Properties: Attuned, Bonded

This rare item has a timer restriction of 3 minute. You will not be able to use another rare item with a timer within 3 minutes of using this one.

Casts the following spells: Spectral Life Magic Mastery

Spellcraft: 325
Mana: 10,000

This item cannot be sold.


Hurnmel the Smith in the Graveyard at night for 5 Ancient Mhoire Coins
  • Stack Size: 100
  • 3 minute timer on use.
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