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Stonehold (Town Network Sign) Live.jpg


"Stonehold is a town found in the westernmost reaches of the Esper mountain range. Seekers of rare game often come here to visit the hunter Belinda du Loc. Explorers looking to reach the distant island of Knorr and its Lyceum, a long-abandoned Empyrean school of magic, should consult with the Lugian living here. But know that such travel does not come without a price." --Town Network Sign

  • Being so far away from any other human settlement, Stonehold's settlement portals cover a wide area of northwestern Osteth.

Map Dereth Point


To Stonehold

Location Coords Destination Coords Restrictions
Town Network Aluvian (North) Stonehold 68.7N, 21.8W None

From Stonehold

Location Coords Destination Coords Restrictions
Stonehold 68.7N, 21.7W Town Network -- None
Stonehold 68.9N, 21.4W Heartland Portal 22.6N, 37.2E None
Stonehold 68.6N, 23.2W Portal to a bit more Westward 71.6N, 29.8W 15+
Mammet Foundry 68.8N, 21.6W Baishi 49.3S, 62.9E None

Settlement Portals

Location Coords Destination Coords Restrictions
Stonehold 69.7N, 20.2W Desolation Beach 82.4N, 43.5W None
Stonehold 69.7N, 20.2W Dires' Door Estates 78.1N, 16.9W None
Stonehold 69.7N, 20.3W Durglen 42.5N, 4.7E None
Stonehold 69.7N, 20.1W East Morntide Settlement 35.3N, 15.1W None
Stonehold 69.7N, 20.2W Empyrean Shore Villas 83.4N, 40.3W None
Stonehold 69.6N, 20.3W Hidden Valley 59.3N, 19.1W None
Stonehold 69.7N, 20.3W Ice's Edge Cottages 64.0N, 16.7W None
Stonehold 69.7N, 20.3W Laiti's Villa 67.5N, 16.8W None
Stonehold 69.6N, 20.2W Lake Nemuel Settlement 62.8N, 0.1E None
Stonehold 69.7N, 20.3W Lightbringer Dale Cottages 81.8N, 17.7W None
Stonehold 69.6N, 20.3W Lord Cambarth Villas 81.0N, 11.2W None
Stonehold 69.7N, 20.2W Northfire Estates 83.1N, 28.0W None
Stonehold 69.7N, 20.2W Regina Cottages 54.4N, 19.9W None
Stonehold 69.5N, 20.2W Seaview Ridge Cottages 88.2N, 13.4W None
Stonehold 69.6N, 20.2W Sonel 76.7N, 36.1W None
Stonehold 69.7N, 20.1W Thyrinn Cant Cottages 81.6N, 20.7W None
Stonehold 69.6N, 20.3W Verena 60.2N, 23.9W None
Stonehold 22.4S, 0.3E Wisp Lake Cottages 84.0N, 1.5W None
Stonehold 69.6N, 20.2W Woodshore Cottages 77.8N, 44.2W None

Points of Interest

Landscape POIs


  • 68.9N, 21.8W - in Town
  • 68.5N, 21.1W - just southeast of town


Dungeon Coordinates Wiki Map ACmaps Other Quests
Dericost Vault 74.7N, 24.6W -- -- -- --
Gelidite Library 69.2N, 17.2W -- 5464 -- --
Grievver Caves 75.9N, 19.0W -- 5456 -- --
Murk Warrens (Stonehold) 67.4N, 29.3W -- 0100 -- --
Phyntos Menace 68.1N, 20.0W -- 0143 -- --
Renegade Stronghold (Stonehold) 71.4N, 28.6W -- 6549 -- --
The Pit 64.3N, 23.4W -- 01A3 -- --


NPC Name Location Type Details
Agent of the Arcanum Town - 68.6N, 21.7W Crafter --
Archmage Ta Ri Town - 69.0N, 21.7W Shopkeeper Magic Supplies
Corin of Stonehold Town - 68.7N, 21.6W Shopkeeper Food, Cooking Supplies
Farmer (Stonehold) Town - 68.6N, 21.7W Shopkeeper Food, Cooking Supplies
Gerhi, Bowyer of Stonehold Town - 68.9N, 21.6W Shopkeeper Fletching Supplies
Grand Master Scrivener of Creature Magic Town - 68.7N, 21.5W Shopkeeper Level VI Scrolls
Grand Master Scrivener of Item Magic Town - 68.7N, 21.5W Shopkeeper Level VI Scrolls
Grand Master Scrivener of Life Magic Town - 68.7N, 21.5W Shopkeeper Level VI Scrolls
Grand Master Scrivener of War Magic Town - 68.7N, 21.5W Shopkeeper Level VI Scrolls
Healer of Stonehold Town - 68.8N, 21.8W Shopkeeper Healing Supplies
Vivaina, Shopkeep of Stonehold Town - 68.6N, 21.7W Shopkeeper Basic Supplies
Archmage (Igloo) Outskirts - 70.5N, 17.3W Shopkeeper Magic Supplies
Archmage (Stonehold) Outskirts - 79.2N, 15.6W Shopkeeper Magic Supplies
Roaming Bowyer (Stonehold) Outskirts - 79.2N, 15.6W Shopkeeper Fletching Supplies
Roaming Bowyer (Osteth North Beach) Outskirts - 86.0N, 27.7W Shopkeeper Fletching Supplies
Snowman (NPC) Outskirts - 71.4N, 22.2W Shopkeeper Cold Supplies
Snowman (NPC) Outskirts - 73.8N, 13.7W - Igloo Shopkeeper Cold Supplies
Belinda du Loc Town - 68.9N, 21.6W Quest Fallen Creature Kill Task, Banished Creature Kill Task, Rare Game Kill Task
Cyphis Suldow Town - 68.8N, 21.6W Quest Banderling Haunt
Drozer Town - 68.9N, 21.4W Quest House Plants
Kai Mallan, Sho Enchanter Oustkirts - 69.2N 17.2W Quest Gelidite Library Quest
Olcris, Nuhmudira's Student Town - 68.7N, 21.6W Quest Halls of Knorr, Collegium Occultus Ring Quest, Knorr Quiddity Seed Quest
Suzuhara Baijin Town - 68.9N, 21.8W Quest Suzuhara Baijin's Delivery
Verdentine Magnan Outskirts - 75.5N, 20.6W Quest Flags
Zahir Town - 68.7N 21.5W Quest Elemental Kill Task


Creatures that spawn within a few clicks of the town.
Armoredillo Icon.png Armoredillo

Banderling Icon.png Banderling

Cow Icon.png Cow

Eater Icon.png Eater

Frost Elemental Icon.png Frost Elemental

Grievver Icon.png Grievver

Golem Icon.png Golem

Human Icon.png Human

Lugian Icon.png Lugian

Monouga Icon.png Monouga

Shadow Icon.png Shadow

Tumerok Icon.png Tumerok

Tusker Icon.png Tusker

Wisp Icon.png Wisp

Viamontian Knight Icon.png Viamontian Knight

Art & Images

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