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Return to Lore
What began with a lost expedition ended up with Dereth changed forever.
The order of the Virindi is about to be threatened by a new enemy - Individuality.
Martine's lust for revenge against Asheron was nothing compared to that of Gaerlan.
They say an Olthoi Queen never forgets...
The magic began to flow through ancient Falatacot temples again, and the curious nature of Isparians would open the path for the Burun to assault the homeworld of the Blood Witches.
In an attempt to gain the upper hand and crush the lands of New Aluvia, the power hungry Viamontians would end up releasing a Child of the Shadow with more rage than even the Hopeslayer.
Trouble with the Sho assassins of the Tanada Clan and evil Falatacot plots were just the beginning. Aerbax would make his return, creating his Prodigal Children.
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