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December 1999 - Announcements Page


Turbine/Microsoft Announcements

Teaser Images


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Release Notes

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Letter to the Players

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Town Crier Rumors

Town Crier tells you, "An unexpected chill has brought snow and ice to much of Dereth. No one knows what has brought this sudden chill upon us. The word is to be wary of the snowmen. There're rumors of bigger ones too!"
Town Crier tells you, "New robes available at some tailors! Wear yours for special occasions or as a fashion statement!"
Town Crier tells you, "Sir Joffre Tremblant's adventuring party has gone missing. The group was last seen heading north from Arwic."
Town Crier tells you, "Some people claim that the sun has grown slightly dimmer, but no one has confirmed this for sure. Some say it has contributed to the sudden chill. I also accept money, if you want more news."
Town Crier tells you, "There is a season in the Naqut, back in Ispar, during which the winds gust constantly, and sandstorms cover the land, blotting out much of the light. It is called the Night Feast, during which we pray for fortune in the coming year, cook food with fine spices like cinnamon and oregano, and Feast the night away!"
Town Crier tells you, "This is the time when we Aluvians are celebrating the Solstice, a time of lights and drinking and very good cheer. Join me in wishing Aluvians everywhere a fine and wonderful Solstice! Nothing is better at a time like this than a good drink and a fine apple pie."
Town Crier tells you, "We celebrate now the Festival of Lights. Bring your torches and circle around, while we honor the Elder Spirits whose truths bring us light. Enjoy the food and drink, maybe someone will at last replicate the fiery kimchi that will make our celebrations complete."

New UI and Game Changes

  • User Interface
    • Button added which allows you to turn off rain and some other weather effects. Useful if these effects slow your frame rate.

New Quests

Live Events

  • 12/16/99 - The Great Work - Players follow clues left by Sir Joffrey Tremblant and his exploration party to the Lost City of Frore, where they find they find and unknowingly destroy a piece to the Hopeslayer's prison --the Great Work.

New NPCs



Bandit Castle

Neydisa Castle

Plateau Village

Updated NPCs

New Locations


Points of Interest

Updated Locations

New Emotes

  • Make a snow angel (*snow angel*)

New Items

12/16/99 - The Great Work (Live Event)
  • Tremblant's Ivory Staff Icon.png
Tremblant's Ivory Staff
  • Crystal Device Icon.png
Crystal Device

  • Gelidite Robe Icon.png
Gelidite Robe
  • Hammer of Frore Icon.png
Hammer of Frore
  • Ice Heaume of Frore Icon.png
Ice Heaume of Frore
  • Bandit Rune Transcription Icon.png
Bandit Rune Transcription
  • Complete Rune Transcription Icon.png
Complete Rune Transcription
  • Gelidite Treasure Key Icon.png
Gelidite Treasure Key
  • Seal Icon.png
  • Partial Rune Transcription Icon.png
Partial Rune Transcription
  • Neydisa Rune Transcription Icon.png
Neydisa Rune Transcription
  • Stonehold Rune Transcription Icon.png
Stonehold Rune Transcription
  • Brief Note Icon.png
Brief Note
  • Gelidite Standing Stone Translation Icon.png
Gelidite Standing Stone Translation
  • Hasty Note Icon.png
Hasty Note
  • Legend of Frore Icon.png
Legend of Frore
  • Our Great Work Icon.png
Our Great Work
  • Quick Note Icon.png
Quick Note
  • The Book of Minesh Icon.png
The Book of Minesh
  • The Tremblant Party (Aluvian) Icon.png
The Tremblant Party (Aluvian)
  • The Tremblant Party (Gharu'ndim) Icon.png
The Tremblant Party (Gharu'ndim)
  • The Tremblant Party (Sho) Icon.png
The Tremblant Party (Sho)
  • Yarick's Journal Icon.png
Yarick's Journal
  • Chest (Lost City of Frore) Icon.png
Chest (Lost City of Frore)

Feud of Neydisa and Bandit Castle
  • History of Neydisa Castle Icon.png
History of Neydisa Castle
  • Nelvaine's Olde Ispar Stout Icon.png
Nelvaine's Olde Ispar Stout
  • Jourgensson's Letter Icon.png
Jourgensson's Letter
  • MacDugal's Key Icon.png
MacDugal's Key
  • Gwillim's Alchemy Notes Icon.png
Gwillim's Alchemy Notes
  • Gwillim's Alchemy Bag Icon.png
Gwillim's Alchemy Bag
  • Neydisa Hauberk Icon.png
Neydisa Hauberk

Premonitions of the Fourth Sending of Darkness
  • An Old Volume Icon.png
An Old Volume
  • Dark Note Icon.png
Dark Note
  • Dusty Volume Icon.png
Dusty Volume
  • Karwin's Key Icon.png
Karwin's Key
  • Slimy Note Icon.png
Slimy Note
  • Shadow's Note Icon.png
Shadow's Note
  • Translated History Book (An Old Volume) Icon.png
Translated History Book (An Old Volume)
  • Translated History Book (Dusty Volume) Icon.png
Translated History Book (Dusty Volume)
  • Virindi's Note Icon.png
Virindi's Note

  • Hoary Mattekar Hide Icon.png
Hoary Mattekar Hide
  • Hoary Mattekar Robe Icon.png
Hoary Mattekar Robe

Snowman Items
  • Enchanted Iceball Icon.png
Enchanted Iceball
  • Iceball Icon.png
  • Poofy Snowball Icon.png
Poofy Snowball
  • Snowball (Item) Icon.png
Snowball (Item)

  • Brown Lump Icon.png
Brown Lump
  • Carrot Icon.png
  • Carrot Stock Icon.png
Carrot Stock
  • Rich Carrot Stock Icon.png
Rich Carrot Stock
  • Carol's Carrot Soup Icon.png
Carol's Carrot Soup
  • Carrot Cake Icon.png
Carrot Cake
  • Carrot Cake Batter Icon.png
Carrot Cake Batter
  • Cinnamon Icon.png
  • Cinnamon Bark Icon.png
Cinnamon Bark
  • Famous Pizza Icon.png
Famous Pizza
  • Fruitcake Icon.png
  • Fruitcake Batter Icon.png
Fruitcake Batter
  • Hot Kimchi Icon.png
Hot Kimchi
  • Hot Pepper Icon.png
Hot Pepper
  • Hot Sauce Icon.png
Hot Sauce
  • Oregano Icon.png
  • Pickled Fish Icon.png
Pickled Fish
  • Beef Rice Icon.png
Beef Rice
  • Mushroom Rice Icon.png
Mushroom Rice
  • Rabbit Noodle Icon.png
Rabbit Noodle
  • Rabbit Rice Icon.png
Rabbit Rice
  • Rich Lumpy Flour Icon.png
Rich Lumpy Flour
  • Side of Beef Icon.png
Side of Beef
  • Spiced Lump Icon.png
Spiced Lump
  • Spiced Lumpy Flour Icon.png
Spiced Lumpy Flour
  • Spiced Apple Filling Icon.png
Spiced Apple Filling
  • Spiced Apple Pie Icon.png
Spiced Apple Pie
  • Specialty Cookbook Icon.png
Specialty Cookbook
  • Strange Stick Icon.png
Strange Stick
  • Whittling Knife Icon.png
Whittling Knife

Cooking (Advanced Recipes)
  • Flaming Kimchi Icon.png
Flaming Kimchi
  • Hearty Hot Kimchi Icon.png
Hearty Hot Kimchi
  • Healing Hot Kimchi Icon.png
Healing Hot Kimchi
  • Hearty Healing Hot Kimchi Icon.png
Hearty Healing Hot Kimchi
  • Hearty Mana Hot Kimchi Icon.png
Hearty Mana Hot Kimchi
  • Mana Hot Kimchi Icon.png
Mana Hot Kimchi
  • Hearty Rabbit Noodle Icon.png
Hearty Rabbit Noodle
  • Healing Rabbit Noodle Icon.png
Healing Rabbit Noodle
  • Hearty Healing Rabbit Noodle Icon.png
Hearty Healing Rabbit Noodle
  • Hearty Mana Rabbit Noodle Icon.png
Hearty Mana Rabbit Noodle
  • Mana Rabbit Noodle Icon.png
Mana Rabbit Noodle
  • Hearty Carrot Cake Icon.png
Hearty Carrot Cake
  • Healing Carrot Cake Icon.png
Healing Carrot Cake
  • Hearty Healing Carrot Cake Icon.png
Hearty Healing Carrot Cake
  • Hearty Mana Carrot Cake Icon.png
Hearty Mana Carrot Cake
  • Mana Carrot Cake Icon.png
Mana Carrot Cake
  • Hearty Famous Pizza Icon.png
Hearty Famous Pizza
  • Healing Famous Pizza Icon.png
Healing Famous Pizza
  • Hearty Healing Famous Pizza Icon.png
Hearty Healing Famous Pizza
  • Mana Famous Pizza Icon.png
Mana Famous Pizza
  • Hearty Mana Famous Pizza Icon.png
Hearty Mana Famous Pizza
  • Hearty Spiced Apple Pie Icon.png
Hearty Spiced Apple Pie
  • Healing Spiced Apple Pie Icon.png
Healing Spiced Apple Pie
  • Hearty Healing Spiced Apple Pie Icon.png
Hearty Healing Spiced Apple Pie
  • Mana Spiced Apple Pie Icon.png
Mana Spiced Apple Pie
  • Hearty Mana Spiced Apple Pie Icon.png
Hearty Mana Spiced Apple Pie

  • Hearty Carrot Soup Icon.png
Hearty Carrot Soup
  • Healing Carrot Soup Icon.png
Healing Carrot Soup
  • Hearty Healing Carrot Soup Icon.png
Hearty Healing Carrot Soup
  • Hearty Mana Carrot Soup Icon.png
Hearty Mana Carrot Soup
  • Mana Carrot Soup Icon.png
Mana Carrot Soup

  • Dho Vest and Robe Icon.png
Dho Vest and Robe
  • Faran Robe Icon.png
Faran Robe
  • Faran Robe with Hood Icon.png
Faran Robe with Hood
  • Suikan Robe Icon.png
Suikan Robe
  • Fez Icon.png
  • Kasa Icon.png

  • Pickaxe Icon.png


Portaldat 199912.png

New Creatures

Crystal Icon.png Crystal

Mattekar Icon.png Mattekar

Snowman Icon.png Snowman

Gelidite Icon.png Gelidite

Undead Icon.png Undead


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