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This page is dedicated to "Dereth Terrain Textures" and contains the height and texture files for use with TerraGen.

Terragen is the premier photorealistic 3D environment design and rendering software, providing powerful and flexible tools for professionals and hobbyists alike to bring to life the worlds of their imagination. Terragen is used extensively in a broad spectrum of industries from visual effects to print to games to fine art.

The TerraGen Home Page - Link
(TerraGen is the tool used to create these Images of Dereth)

If you have any Terragen images of Dereth not l;isted here please let me know and I'll post them here for you
Either send me the pics or a link to to the image/s. The preferred Image format if JPG.

Dereth Terrain Textures

The above links for the "Dereth Terrain Textures" contain the height and texture files for use with TerraGen. Without them its very painful to create anything of Dereth as you have to extract the same info from the Cell.Dat and convert it to the right format.

The following Link to the Dereth Cartography site may also assist prospective Derethian Cartographers.

The Terragen Image Gallery of Dereth

Click image for full size.

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