The Caliginous Bethel

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Quest Summary
Quest Type: Solo
Start Location: Bluespire
Timer: 20 hours
Level Restrictions: 35+
Level Suggestions: 50+
Contracts: Contract for The Caliginous Bethel
Rewards Summary
Full details here
Refulgent Bracelet
Writ of Refuge
2 Random Trophies
MMDs: 1
Luminance: None
Max XP:
Full details here
Titles: None
Related Articles
Introduced In: Waking From the Abyss
Updated In: Reforging the Past
Related Quests: 50-100 Contracts Quest
The Proselytic Shadow

Walk Through

Part 1: Cultist Altar

  1. From Bluespire, speak with Aurten Rhell in at 39.5N, 75.5W.
  2. Head to the Marescent Plateau and search for a randomly spawning Cultist Altar. Wait for your group to join you at the altar, then use it.
    The cultists' altar has been defiled!
  3. Kill the creatures that spawn from the altar until you finally kill a Dark Vapor, which will spawn a portal to the Caliginous Bethel. Enter the portal.
    • Note: If The Black Breath is one of the creatures you have to kill, you will need a mage of considerable ability to bring it down. Solo low/mid-level melee/archer players will find themselves unable to make a dent in The Black Breath's health unless they use the Curse of Raven Fury spell to attack it.

Part 2: Caliginous Bethel

  1. [OPTIONAL] From the drop, turn around and pick up the Note on the floor (lore only).
  2. Work your way North until you find a large room with a caged NPC named Twitch inside. Take the West hallway and go straight up the ramp.
  3. At the top of the ramp, take a left, and follow the hallway to a ramp down. At the bottom of the ramp, in the adjacent room, the room is blocked by a Reinforced Door door on either side, kill the Reinforced Door then loot Jaeget's Journal from the floor.
  4. Backtrack to the hallway just before the entrance to the large room with Twitch in it. Take the south passage down the ramp, take your first left, then run straight until you dead end into a wall (which is actually a lever activated door).
    • Note: To open this door, 1 person must take a right at the split and then the first left up the ramp. The lever is in the room at the top of the spiral staircase.
  5. Once through the wall/door, work your way until you reach a room with a deep pit. Jump down and loot Bewren's Journal from the ground.
  6. Use the floor-activated lever to open a hidden door inside the pit and continue down the hallway until you reach a large room with many shadows and an NPC named Proselytic Shadow.
  7. Each person must loot a Repugnant Bracelet from the corpse of a Lesser Shadow Wretch, of which there are several in this area.
  8. Once everyone has a Repugnant Bracelet, go to the Ithaenc Cathedral and pick up the Well Bucket at 82.6S, 93.6E.
    • Important: If you're doing this quest as part of the 50-100 Contracts Quest then you must give the Repugnant Bracelet to Aurten Rhell in Bluespire for the contract to display as complete. You cannot do this once it has been cleaned.
    • [OPTIONAL] If you don't want your bracelet, hand it to Aurten Rhell for a Writ of Refuge.
  9. Use the Well Bucket on Adja's Well to obtain Water of Ithaenc.
  10. Use the Repugnant Bracelet on the Water of Ithaenc on to obtain the Refulgent Bracelet!
    As the water from Adja's well cascades over the bracelet, it begins to shine anew!
    • Warning: Do not attempt to use the Water of Ithaenc on the Repugnant Bracelet, you will drink it.
  11. Return the Aurten Rhell in Bluespire and hand him both Bewren's Journal and Jaeget's Journal for random, casino style rewards.


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Quest Items
  • Note (Order of the Raven Hand) Icon.png
Note (Order of the Raven Hand)
  • Jaeget's Journal Icon.png
Jaeget's Journal
  • Bewren's Journal Icon.png
Bewren's Journal
  • Repugnant Bracelet Icon.png
Repugnant Bracelet
  • Adja's Well Icon.png
Adja's Well
  • Well Bucket Icon.png
Well Bucket
  • Water of Ithaenc Icon.png
Water of Ithaenc

  • Refulgent Bracelet Icon.png
Refulgent Bracelet
  • Writ of Refuge Icon.png
Writ of Refuge

Random Trophy Rewards
  • Sturdy Steel Key Icon.png
Sturdy Steel Key
  • Sturdy Iron Keyring Icon.png
Sturdy Iron Keyring
  • Platinum Golem Heart Icon.png
Platinum Golem Heart
  • Pyreal Bar Icon.png
Pyreal Bar
  • Pyreal Golem Heart Icon.png
Pyreal Golem Heart
  • Singularity Key Icon.png
Singularity Key
  • Soft Bandages Icon.png
Soft Bandages
  • Treated Hyssop Icon.png
Treated Hyssop
  • Treated Mandrake Icon.png
Treated Mandrake
  • Small Shard Icon.png
Small Shard
  • Trade Note (250,000) Icon.png
Trade Note (250,000)

Experience Rewards

Task Required Max Experience Percentage & Level Cap
Hand the Repugnant Bracelet to Aurten Rhell 4,000,000xp

50% up to level 57

Hand Bewren's Journal to Aurten Rhell 2,400,000xp

25% up to level 57

Hand Jaeget's Journal to Aurten Rhell 2,400,000xp

25% up to level 57

See Level Costs for per level information.


Click image for full size version.

Lore & Dialog

Twitch tells you, "Where am I? I finally found some nice people who help me escape from those lunatics on that backwards island, and they toss me into this cage threatening me with sacrifice and torture!"
Twitch tells you, "You don't think they mean to throw me into their sacrificial pit, do you?"
Twitch tells you, "Haha, no, they wouldn't do that... I mean, why would they?"

Proselytic Shadow tells you, "He who was... brother... betrayed..."
Proselytic Shadow tells you, "Where has the light gone? I cannot see. I was.. betrayed?"
Proselytic Shadow tells you, "The darkness, so cold... so painful..."
Proselytic Shadow tells you, "Free... free... help... the light is lost."
Proselytic Shadow tells you, "The dark one whispers to me now. He beckons me to avoid the light."

You give Aurten Rhell Bewren's Journal.
Aurten Rhell tells you, "Fiction! Pure fiction! I could have written a more compelling tragedy. I do have to admit, even though this is surely a fake, you did put a fair amount of effort into it. If anything you entertained me with this garbage. Here, take this."
Aurten Rhell tells you, "I know... I know... you at least tried to help me out. You really shouldn't be getting anything from me, but since I'm such a nice guy I'll make an exception for you."
Aurten Rhell tells you, "Cultists... Summoning and worshipping shadows... how ludicrous!"
Aurten Rhell gives you [Random Trophy].

You give Aurten Rhell Jaeget's Journal.
Aurten Rhell tells you, "Some papers? While an interesting read I am sure, how am I to know if this is genuine and not some fiction you yourself devised? Very well, I suppose you deserve some reward even if these papers are fabricated."
Aurten Rhell tells you, "You have a lot of nerve to deliver this garbage to me. But I am a man of my word. Here. This is for you, even though you don't deserve it."
Aurten Rhell gives you [Random Trophy].

You give Aurten Rhell Repugnant Bracelet.
Aurten Rhell tells you, "So many people have brought me pieces of parchment with melodrama scrawled upon it. One person even brought me a strange stick, whatever that is for, but this... finally! Solid evidence of wrong doing on the plateau!"
Aurten Rhell tells you, "Wait... what was I getting so excited over? This is just some amulet caked in carenzi refuse. Hardly proof of anything. You know what? I am so tired of people bringing me dead ends and fallacies! Here! Just take this!"
Aurten hastily pulls a writ from his backpack and throws it at you.
Aurten Rhell gives you Writ of Refuge.
Aurten Rhell tells you, "Just because you haven't been helpful doesn't mean I won't reward you for the effort. Maybe next time you'll bring me something worthwhile!"


  • The Proselytic Shadow NPC does not serve any purpose in this quest, however people speculate that Bewren was transformed into the shadow.
  • Quest updated during the Reforging the Past event with a new timer and xp rewards.
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