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July 2005 - Announcements Page


Turbine Announcements

Teaser Images

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Throne of Destiny Fact Sheet

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AC:TD Level Cap and Augmentations

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AC:TD Level Cap Update

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Raising the Level Cap

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October Letter From the Team

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November Letter From the Team

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February Letter From the Team

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April Letter From the Team

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Developer Diaries - Crowley

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Developer Diaries - Shuggypud

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Developer Diaries - Srand

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Rares: Frankenstein Lives!

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Rares: Rare Item Images

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Augmentations: Augmentation Gems

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Open Preview FAQ

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The movie introduction to Throne of Destiny that comes on the game CD. It explains the story behind how the Viamontians came to Dereth.


Lore Articles


Town Crier Rumors

Viamontian Town Criers

Town Crier tells you, "The rebel wench Eleonora thought she could slay the King as she did his brother. Now her heart rests in the dungeons of the Ferran Torturers. Such is the price of defiance."
Town Crier tells you, "The Fiun on the northern shore of Vanguard Isle have aligned themselves with the rebels of Silyun. Do they truly believe their feeble alliance stands a chance against the power of Sanamar?"
Town Crier tells you, "Newcomers to Dereth may wish to speak with Elena du Furza or Lorca Sammel. Those two always seem to need some sort of assistance."
Town Crier tells you, "If you are looking for some sort of task to occupy your time, you would do well to speak with the barkeeper, Vaden."
Town Crier tells you, "When we first arrived on this land, a great red bull stood atop this plateau. We took that bull's presence as a portent of great things. We quickly established the city of Sanamar."
Town Crier tells you, "The Bloodless Queen shall soon know the might of Viamont. You would do well to align yourself with our glorious King."
Town Crier tells you, "If you have an attuned item you no longer need, feel free to donate it to a Town Crier."
Town Crier tells you, "If you are looking to prove your loyalty to the King, speak with the Grand Knight."
Town Crier tells you, "Have you spoken to Rand yet? He makes the most incredible brews!"
Town Crier tells you, "The King has recently perfected his extraction technique on the Fiun. The Eaters will soon be unleashed on the lands of the Bloodless. And when that happens, there will be no stopping the ascension of Viamont!"
Town Crier tells you, "The Thrungus of the surrounding forests have been stealing from the King's own quarters! If you have some time on your hands, go out and slaughter a few of those vile creatures. Such crimes must not go unpunished."
Town Crier tells you, "Have you tested your abilities against the maddened Sir Bellas? From time to time, we like to enter his dungeon and torment the crazed rebel. Unfortunately, you have to deal with Fiun Scorus in order to gain access to that dungeon. But it's a small price to pay for such wonderful sport!"
Town Crier tells you, "The outpost of Westwatch is well-suited for new arrivals. The outpost of Eastwatch serves as a base of operations for only the hardiest of warriors."
Town Crier tells you, "Need a vassal? I won't ask for much just some tinkered armor and maybe a tinkered weapon. Oh and maybe a few MMD trade notes, or maybe some golem hearts, wasp wings, armoredillo spines, lugian sinews, dark revenant thigh bones, full sturdy iron key rings, full singularity key rings, or anything else that you don't need."
Town Crier tells you, "Some of the creatures you hunt will drop special items, such as beaks or claws. You would do well to see if the Collector has need of those items."
Town Crier tells you, "The outpost of Westwatch is well-suited for new arrivals. The outpost of Eastwatch serves as a base of operations for only the hardiest of warriors."
Town Crier tells you, "Sanamar contains several portals to the cities of the Bloodless. We encourage our citizens to venture into those portals and learn the layout of the rest of Dereth. That information may well prove important to us in time."
Town Crier tells you, "The Lugians of Geth Tukora met their doom when the King unleashed his Eaters upon them. They still make their homes deep beneath the Isle of Ruin. If you are up to the task, you should venture out there and remind them just who rules the surface of these lands."
Town Crier tells you, "Surely you can spare more than that. Do I look like a common beggar to you?"

Mainland and Marae Lassel Town Criers

Town Crier tells you, "As I understand it, King Varicci has declared Sanamar open to all heritages, though his brutish Knights will slay any they come across in the wilds, blue-skin or no."
Town Crier tells you, "I hope the Queen has a plan. She'll know what do. Won't she?"
Town Crier tells you, "When the barrier around the Halaetans shattered, there was a crash that knocked me to the ground, and a great wind rushed down from the north. I must confess, I feared it was the second coming of Bael'Zharon."
Town Crier tells you, "As I understand it, King Varicci has declared Sanamar open to all heritages, though his brutish Knights will slay any they come across in the wilds, blue-skin or no."
Town Crier tells you, "We town criers owe a debt to Brayden Von Grohl for saving one of our fellows from that vicious Eater attack. Sure, we're all lifestoned, but who wants to meet their end - however temporary - in the belly of an Eater?"
Town Crier tells you, "The Viamontian raids have been nothing more than exploratory probes up to this point. We thought their attacks scattered and random. But now it appears they were just testing our defenses all along."
Town Crier tells you, "Zaikhal has long been a center of knowledge and learning in Dereth. If the Viamontians take that city, I fear they will plunder its libraries as they have long plundered the libraries of Tirethas."
Town Crier tells you, "Where is Asheron when you need him?"
Town Crier tells you, "The Shadow Lugian threat seems to have dissipated. The Lugians of Linvak Tukal are most grateful for the assistance we gave them. I hear they even presented a special war bow to Queen Elysa as a token of thanks."
Town Crier tells you, "The rebels of Silyun may be aligned against King Varicci, but they're still just as haughty and imperious as any Viamontian I've ever met."
Town Crier tells you, "Where did Carlo di Cenza go? Perhaps he went back to the Halaetans to help his fellow rebels in their struggle against Varicci."
Town Crier tells you, "Antius Blackmoor seeks brave warriors to aid him in the defense of Zaikhal! Seek him out! The fate of our realm is at stake!"
Town Crier tells you, "As I understand it, the Viamontian Anton Sillezi seeks to create a trade agreement with the merchants of Shoushi, Yaraq, and Holtburg. Is this some underhanded plot of Varicci's, or are the merchants of Sanamar breaking ranks?"
Town Crier tells you, "At first, I thought the Thrungum were the cutest little guys I'd ever seen. But a faceful of acid certainly cured me of that thought."
Town Crier tells you, "The portals to the Halaetan islands can be found in Shoushi, Yaraq, and Holtburg. The King of Sanamar allows all heritages to enter Sanamar, though the Queen's Royal Guard are slain on sight."
Town Crier tells you, "I heard a secret, but it'll cost you more than that."
Town Crier tells you, "I know what you are thinking. You want to enlist in the Queen's army against the Viamontian threat. I feel the same way. But the Queen has declared that she will not strengthen her forces as of yet. Perhaps she seeks some alternate method of dealing with this foe."
Town Crier tells you, "Finally, I can make my own beer! If you see Rand, tell him I just love his Amber Ape!"

New Quests

Updated Quests

  • Training Academy Quest
    • The Exploration Society have taken over from Queen Elysa in the running of the academy.
    • Viamontian artwork and creatures can be now found inside.
    • Later part of the academy now has Olthoi instead of Hollow Minions along with a new quest based around them.
    • If you wish, you can now use the Academy Exit Token to skip the tutorial and enter Dereth straight away with the usual equipment and experience.

New NPCs

New Locations


Halaetan Isles

Corcosi Island

Isle of Ruin

Lotila Island

Traitor's Island

Vanguard Isle

Updated Locations

New Items

  • Alduressa Leggings Icon.png
Alduressa Leggings
  • Alduressa Coat Icon.png
Alduressa Coat
  • Alduressa Helm Icon.png
Alduressa Helm
  • Diforsa Bracers Icon.png
Diforsa Bracers
  • Diforsa Pauldrons Icon.png
Diforsa Pauldrons
  • Diforsa Breastplate Icon.png
Diforsa Breastplate
  • Diforsa Girth Icon.png
Diforsa Girth
  • Diforsa Greaves Icon.png
Diforsa Greaves
  • Diforsa Tassets Icon.png
Diforsa Tassets
  • Diforsa Helm Icon.png
Diforsa Helm
  • Diforsa Gauntlets Icon.png
Diforsa Gauntlets
  • Diforsa Sollerets Icon.png
Diforsa Sollerets
  • Diforsa Leggings Icon.png
Diforsa Leggings
  • Diforsa Sleeves Icon.png
Diforsa Sleeves
  • Diforsa Cuirass Icon.png
Diforsa Cuirass
  • Diforsa Hauberk Icon.png
Diforsa Hauberk
  • Tenassa Breastplate Icon.png
Tenassa Breastplate
  • Tenassa Sleeves Icon.png
Tenassa Sleeves
  • Tenassa Leggings Icon.png
Tenassa Leggings

  • Bandana Icon.png
  • Beret Icon.png
  • Lace Shirt Icon.png
Lace Shirt
  • Loafers Icon.png
  • Poet's Shirt Icon.png
Poet's Shirt
  • Tessera Gown Icon.png
Tessera Gown
  • Toga Icon.png
  • Vest Icon.png
  • Vestiri Robe Icon.png
Vestiri Robe
  • Vestiri Robe with Hood Icon.png
Vestiri Robe with Hood
  • Vestiri Creature Apprentice Robe Icon.png
Vestiri Creature Apprentice Robe
  • Vestiri Item Apprentice Robe Icon.png
Vestiri Item Apprentice Robe
  • Vestiri Life Apprentice Robe Icon.png
Vestiri Life Apprentice Robe
  • Vestiri War Apprentice Robe Icon.png
Vestiri War Apprentice Robe
  • Vestiri Creature Master Robe Icon.png
Vestiri Creature Master Robe
  • Vestiri Item Master Robe Icon.png
Vestiri Item Master Robe
  • Vestiri Life Master Robe Icon.png
Vestiri Life Master Robe
  • Vestiri War Master Robe Icon.png
Vestiri War Master Robe
  • Viamontian Laced Boots Icon.png
Viamontian Laced Boots
  • Viamontian Pants Icon.png
Viamontian Pants

  • Aluvian Leg Icon.png
Aluvian Leg
  • Gharu'ndim Arm Icon.png
Gharu'ndim Arm
  • Half-Digested Virindi Mask Icon.png
Half-Digested Virindi Mask
  • Identification Plate Icon.png
Identification Plate
  • Kirit Zefir Wing Icon.png
Kirit Zefir Wing
  • Olthoi Larvae Steak Icon.png
Olthoi Larvae Steak
  • Penguin Beak Icon.png
Penguin Beak
  • Arrogant Penguin Beak Icon.png
Arrogant Penguin Beak
  • Rebellious Penguin Beak Icon.png
Rebellious Penguin Beak
  • Sycophantic Penguin Beak Icon.png
Sycophantic Penguin Beak
  • Penguin Wing Icon.png
Penguin Wing
  • Rusty Lugian Axe Icon.png
Rusty Lugian Axe
  • Sho Brain Icon.png
Sho Brain
  • Viamontian Torso Icon.png
Viamontian Torso
  • Augmented Ice Shard Icon.png
Augmented Ice Shard
  • Hardened Ice Shard Icon.png
Hardened Ice Shard
  • Ice Shard Icon.png
Ice Shard
  • Imperfect Ice Shard Icon.png
Imperfect Ice Shard
  • Perfect Ice Shard Icon.png
Perfect Ice Shard
  • Reinforced Ice Shard Icon.png
Reinforced Ice Shard

  • Bowl of Stew Icon.png
Bowl of Stew

  • Forgotten Chasm (Text) Icon.png
Forgotten Chasm (Text)
  • Giant Mushrooms Icon.png
Giant Mushrooms
  • Ruins of Geth Tukora Icon.png
Ruins of Geth Tukora

  • Arbalest Icon.png
  • Bastone Icon.png
  • Dart Flinger Icon.png
Dart Flinger
  • Dolabra Icon.png
  • The Fist of Bellenesse Icon.png
The Fist of Bellenesse
  • Flamberge Icon.png
  • Flanged Mace Icon.png
Flanged Mace
  • Frigid Splinter Icon.png
Frigid Splinter
  • Hatchet Icon.png
  • Knuckles Icon.png
  • Mazule Icon.png
  • Partizan Icon.png
  • Poniard Icon.png
  • Sabra Icon.png
  • Spada Icon.png
  • Stiletto Icon.png
  • Tursh's Spear Icon.png
Tursh's Spear
  • War Bow Icon.png
War Bow

Augmentation Gems
  • Archmage's Endurance Icon.png
Archmage's Endurance
  • Asheron's Benediction Icon.png
Asheron's Benediction
  • Blackmoor's Favor Icon.png
Blackmoor's Favor
  • Blank Augmentation Gem Icon.png
Blank Augmentation Gem
  • Bleeargh's Fortitude Icon.png
Bleeargh's Fortitude
  • Caustic Enhancement Icon.png
Caustic Enhancement
  • Ciandra's Essence Icon.png
Ciandra's Essence
  • Ciandra's Fortune Icon.png
Ciandra's Fortune
  • Clutch of the Miser Icon.png
Clutch of the Miser
  • Critical Protection Icon.png
Critical Protection
  • Enduring Calm Icon.png
Enduring Calm
  • Enduring Enchantment Icon.png
Enduring Enchantment
  • Enhancement of the Arrow Turner Icon.png
Enhancement of the Arrow Turner
  • Enhancement of the Blade Turner Icon.png
Enhancement of the Blade Turner
  • Enhancement of the Mace Turner Icon.png
Enhancement of the Mace Turner
  • Fiery Enhancement Icon.png
Fiery Enhancement
  • Celdiseth's Essence Icon.png
Celdiseth's Essence
  • Charmed Smith Icon.png
Charmed Smith
  • Icy Enhancement Icon.png
Icy Enhancement
  • Innate Renewal Icon.png
Innate Renewal
  • Jibril's Essence Icon.png
Jibril's Essence
  • Koga's Essence Icon.png
Koga's Essence
  • Might of the Seventh Mule Icon.png
Might of the Seventh Mule
  • Oswald's Enhancement Icon.png
Oswald's Enhancement
  • Quick Learner Icon.png
Quick Learner
  • Shadow of the Seventh Mule Icon.png
Shadow of the Seventh Mule
  • Storm's Enhancement Icon.png
Storm's Enhancement
  • Siraluun's Blessing Icon.png
Siraluun's Blessing
  • Reinforcement of the Lugians Icon.png
Reinforcement of the Lugians
  • Steadfast Will Icon.png
Steadfast Will
  • Yoshi's Essence Icon.png
Yoshi's Essence

The Beacon
  • The Beacon (Text) Icon.png
The Beacon (Text)
  • Beacon Gem Icon.png
Beacon Gem
  • Beacon Icon.png

Brewmaster Quest
  • Tusker Spit Icon.png
Tusker Spit
  • Empty Bottles Icon.png
Empty Bottles
  • Empty Stopped Keg Icon.png
Empty Stopped Keg
  • Amber Ape Icon.png
Amber Ape
  • Rancid Yeast Icon.png
Rancid Yeast
  • Liquid Yeast Icon.png
Liquid Yeast
  • Spoiled Barley Icon.png
Spoiled Barley
  • Plain Barley Icon.png
Plain Barley
  • Amber Barley Icon.png
Amber Barley
  • Roasted Barley Icon.png
Roasted Barley
  • Ruined Hops Icon.png
Ruined Hops
  • Brown Hops Icon.png
Brown Hops
  • Green Hops Icon.png
Green Hops
  • Vibrant Green Hops Icon.png
Vibrant Green Hops
  • Ultra Green Hops Icon.png
Ultra Green Hops
  • Dried Yeast Icon.png
Dried Yeast
  • Sdolin Buk! Icon.png
Sdolin Buk!
  • Full Brew Kettle Icon.png
Full Brew Kettle
  • Amber Wort Icon.png
Amber Wort
  • Aromatic Amber Wort Icon.png
Aromatic Amber Wort
  • Glorious Amber Brew Icon.png
Glorious Amber Brew
  • Amber Ape Brew Icon.png
Amber Ape Brew
  • Tusker Spit Brew Icon.png
Tusker Spit Brew
  • Keg of Tusker Spit Ale Icon.png
Keg of Tusker Spit Ale
  • Keg of Amber Ape Icon.png
Keg of Amber Ape
  • Sweet Wort Icon.png
Sweet Wort
  • Dark Wort Icon.png
Dark Wort
  • Aromatic Dark Wort Icon.png
Aromatic Dark Wort
  • Glorious Dark Brew Icon.png
Glorious Dark Brew
  • Bobo's Stout Brew Icon.png
Bobo's Stout Brew
  • Keg of Bobo's Stout Icon.png
Keg of Bobo's Stout
  • Finished Amber Wort Icon.png
Finished Amber Wort

  • Keg of Aromatic Lager Icon.png
Keg of Aromatic Lager
  • Amber Fermented Brew Icon.png
Amber Fermented Brew
  • Keg of Homemade Amber Ale Icon.png
Keg of Homemade Amber Ale
  • Homemade Amber Ale Icon.png
Homemade Amber Ale
  • Glorious Amber Ale Icon.png
Glorious Amber Ale
  • Keg of Glorious Amber Ale Icon.png
Keg of Glorious Amber Ale
  • Tusker Pus Icon.png
Tusker Pus
  • Spoiled Wort Icon.png
Spoiled Wort
  • Rancid Finished Wort Icon.png
Rancid Finished Wort
  • Putrid Fermented Brew Icon.png
Putrid Fermented Brew
  • Putrid Tusker Spit Brew Icon.png
Putrid Tusker Spit Brew
  • Keg of Tusker Pus Icon.png
Keg of Tusker Pus
  • Aromatic Finished Wort Icon.png
Aromatic Finished Wort
  • Aromatic Amber Ale Icon.png
Aromatic Amber Ale
  • Tasty Amber Wort Icon.png
Tasty Amber Wort
  • Aromatic Amber Brew Icon.png
Aromatic Amber Brew
  • Keg of Aromatic Amber Ale Icon.png
Keg of Aromatic Amber Ale
  • Aromatic Lager Icon.png
Aromatic Lager
  • Tasty Finished Wort Icon.png
Tasty Finished Wort
  • Aromatic Fermented Brew Icon.png
Aromatic Fermented Brew
  • Glorious Fermented Brew Icon.png
Glorious Fermented Brew
  • Brewmaster's Spine Icon.png
Brewmaster's Spine
  • Brewmaster's Front Cover Icon.png
Brewmaster's Front Cover
  • Brewmaster's Back Cover Icon.png
Brewmaster's Back Cover
  • Brewmaster's Pages Icon.png
Brewmaster's Pages
  • Incomplete Brewmaster's Bible Icon.png
Incomplete Brewmaster's Bible
  • Nearly Complete Brewmaster's Bible Icon.png
Nearly Complete Brewmaster's Bible
  • Rand's Brewmaster's Bible Icon.png
Rand's Brewmaster's Bible
  • Brewmaster's Bible Icon.png
Brewmaster's Bible
  • Brew Kettle Icon.png
Brew Kettle
  • Angree's Angry Ale Icon.png
Angree's Angry Ale

  • Keg of Angree's Angry Ale Icon.png
Keg of Angree's Angry Ale
  • Nasty Lager Icon.png
Nasty Lager
  • Distasteful Finished Wort Icon.png
Distasteful Finished Wort
  • Spoiled Fermented Brew Icon.png
Spoiled Fermented Brew
  • Keg of Nasty Lager Icon.png
Keg of Nasty Lager
  • Rancid Ale Icon.png
Rancid Ale
  • Spoiled Finished Wort Icon.png
Spoiled Finished Wort
  • Rancid Fermented Brew Icon.png
Rancid Fermented Brew
  • Keg of Rancid Ale Icon.png
Keg of Rancid Ale
  • Distasteful Lager Icon.png
Distasteful Lager
  • Distasteful Fermented Brew Icon.png
Distasteful Fermented Brew
  • Keg of Distasteful Lager Icon.png
Keg of Distasteful Lager
  • Distasteful Stout Icon.png
Distasteful Stout
  • Distasteful Dark Wort Icon.png
Distasteful Dark Wort
  • Distasteful Dark Brew Icon.png
Distasteful Dark Brew
  • Keg of Distasteful Stout Icon.png
Keg of Distasteful Stout
  • Distasteful Amber Ale Icon.png
Distasteful Amber Ale
  • Distasteful Amber Wort Icon.png
Distasteful Amber Wort
  • Distasteful Amber Brew Icon.png
Distasteful Amber Brew
  • Keg of Distasteful Amber Ale Icon.png
Keg of Distasteful Amber Ale
  • Tasty Amber Ale Icon.png
Tasty Amber Ale
  • Tasty Amber Brew Icon.png
Tasty Amber Brew
  • Keg of Tasty Amber Ale Icon.png
Keg of Tasty Amber Ale
  • Tasty Lager Icon.png
Tasty Lager
  • Tasty Fermented Brew Icon.png
Tasty Fermented Brew
  • Keg of Tasty Lager Icon.png
Keg of Tasty Lager
  • Tasty Stout Icon.png
Tasty Stout
  • Tasty Dark Brew Icon.png
Tasty Dark Brew
  • Keg of Tasty Stout Icon.png
Keg of Tasty Stout
  • Homemade Lager Icon.png
Homemade Lager
  • Finished Wort Icon.png
Finished Wort
  • Fermented Brew Icon.png
Fermented Brew

  • Keg of Homemade Lager Icon.png
Keg of Homemade Lager
  • Homemade Stout Icon.png
Homemade Stout
  • Finished Dark Wort Icon.png
Finished Dark Wort
  • Dark Fermented Brew Icon.png
Dark Fermented Brew
  • Keg of Homemade Stout Icon.png
Keg of Homemade Stout
  • Aromatic Stout Icon.png
Aromatic Stout
  • Aromatic Dark Brew Icon.png
Aromatic Dark Brew
  • Keg of Aromatic Stout Icon.png
Keg of Aromatic Stout
  • Glorious Lager Icon.png
Glorious Lager
  • Keg of Glorious Lager Icon.png
Keg of Glorious Lager
  • Glorious Stout Icon.png
Glorious Stout
  • Keg of Glorious Stout Icon.png
Keg of Glorious Stout

Cave Penguin Eggs
  • Cave Penguin Egg Icon.png
Cave Penguin Egg
  • Great Cave Penguin Egg Icon.png
Great Cave Penguin Egg
  • Essence of Cave Penguin Icon.png
Essence of Cave Penguin
  • Cave Penguin Cake Icon.png
Cave Penguin Cake

Chasing Oswald
  • Note to Alvirre Icon.png
Note to Alvirre
  • Varette's Orders Icon.png
Varette's Orders
  • Corpse (Lugian Ice Tunnels) Icon.png
Corpse (Lugian Ice Tunnels)
  • Prison Warden's Orders Icon.png
Prison Warden's Orders
  • Prison Warden's Key Icon.png
Prison Warden's Key
  • Prison Warden's Chest Icon.png
Prison Warden's Chest
  • Seven Habits of Effective Adventurers Icon.png
Seven Habits of Effective Adventurers
  • Oswald's Prison Journal Icon.png
Oswald's Prison Journal
  • Prison Guard's Corpse Icon.png
Prison Guard's Corpse
  • Note to a generous host Icon.png
Note to a generous host

Death's Allure
  • Bag of Life Stone Chips Icon.png
Bag of Life Stone Chips
  • Thrungus Reaper Certificate Icon.png
Thrungus Reaper Certificate

Dericost Ruin Quest
  • The Viamontian Conflict Icon.png
The Viamontian Conflict
  • Dericost Ruin Key Icon.png
Dericost Ruin Key
  • Dericost Tome Icon.png
Dericost Tome
  • Ancient Discoveries Icon.png
Ancient Discoveries
  • Kam'shir Icon.png
  • Friend of Sanamar Token Icon.png
Friend of Sanamar Token

Eater Jaws
  • Abhorrent Eater Jaw Icon.png
Abhorrent Eater Jaw
  • Engorged Eater Jaw Icon.png
Engorged Eater Jaw
  • Insatiable Eater Jaw Icon.png
Insatiable Eater Jaw
  • Marauder's Jaw Icon.png
Marauder's Jaw
  • Ravenous Eater Jaw Icon.png
Ravenous Eater Jaw
  • Voracious Eater Jaw Icon.png
Voracious Eater Jaw
  • Engorged Scourge Token Icon.png
Engorged Scourge Token
  • Voracious Flayer Token Icon.png
Voracious Flayer Token
  • Abhorrent Warrior Token Icon.png
Abhorrent Warrior Token
  • Ravenous Killer Token Icon.png
Ravenous Killer Token
  • Insatiable Slayer Token Icon.png
Insatiable Slayer Token

Eleonora's Heart Quest
  • The Viamontian Conflict Icon.png
The Viamontian Conflict
  • Torture Chamber Key Icon.png
Torture Chamber Key
  • Eleonora's Note Icon.png
Eleonora's Note
  • Eleonora's Heart Icon.png
Eleonora's Heart
  • Friend of Silyun Token Icon.png
Friend of Silyun Token
  • Kul'dir Icon.png

Fiun Healing Machine Quest
  • The Fiun Healing Machine Icon.png
The Fiun Healing Machine
  • Healing Machine Recipe Icon.png
Healing Machine Recipe
  • A Message from Scorus Icon.png
A Message from Scorus
  • K'nath Key Icon.png
K'nath Key
  • Small Empyrean Key Icon.png
Small Empyrean Key
  • Ruschk Iceberg Key Icon.png
Ruschk Iceberg Key
  • Old Chest Icon.png
Old Chest
  • Runic Skull Icon.png
Runic Skull
  • Runic Door Guardian Icon.png
Runic Door Guardian
  • Lavus Icon.png
  • Tihn Icon.png
  • Healing Machine Pedestal Icon.png
Healing Machine Pedestal
  • Healing Machine Hook Icon.png
Healing Machine Hook
  • Healing Machine Orb Icon.png
Healing Machine Orb
  • Lavuhn Icon.png
  • Healing Machine Base Icon.png
Healing Machine Base
  • Healing Machine Hooked Base Icon.png
Healing Machine Hooked Base
  • Fiun Healing Machine Icon.png
Fiun Healing Machine
  • Helm of Gratitude Icon.png
Helm of Gratitude
  • K'nath Lair Portal Icon.png
K'nath Lair Portal

Fiun Spellcasting Gloves Quest
  • Crumpled Note Icon.png
Crumpled Note
  • Abayar's Research Notes Icon.png
Abayar's Research Notes
  • Fiun Spellcasting Gloves Icon.png
Fiun Spellcasting Gloves

Fledgemaster's Tusk Quest
  • Fledgemaster's Tusk Icon.png
Fledgemaster's Tusk
  • Ruschk Hunter Leggings Icon.png
Ruschk Hunter Leggings

Knights of Karlun Quest
  • Sir Ginazio's Sword Icon.png
Sir Ginazio's Sword
  • Testament of Sir Coretto Icon.png
Testament of Sir Coretto
  • Ring of Karlun Icon.png
Ring of Karlun
  • Breastplate of Karlun Icon.png
Breastplate of Karlun
  • Champion of Silyun Token Icon.png
Champion of Silyun Token
  • Champion of Sanamar Token Icon.png
Champion of Sanamar Token

The Missing Necklace
  • Flightless Death Icon.png
Flightless Death
  • Lorca Sammel's Necklace Icon.png
Lorca Sammel's Necklace
  • Lorca Sammel's Gauntlets Icon.png
Lorca Sammel's Gauntlets

Marauder's Lair Quest
  • Marauder's Jaw Icon.png
Marauder's Jaw
  • Grand Mother's Medallion Icon.png
Grand Mother's Medallion
  • Hero of Silyun Token Icon.png
Hero of Silyun Token

Red Bull of Sanamar Quest
  • Old Lascare's Journal Icon.png
Old Lascare's Journal
  • Page from a Journal Icon.png
Page from a Journal
  • Maddened Fiun Heart Icon.png
Maddened Fiun Heart
  • Medallion of the Red Bull Icon.png
Medallion of the Red Bull
  • Hero of Sanamar Token Icon.png
Hero of Sanamar Token

Ruschk Challenger Quest
  • Ruschk Totem (Challenger Quest) Icon.png
Ruschk Totem (Challenger Quest)
  • Ruschk Trials Icon.png
Ruschk Trials
  • Ruschk Scalp Icon.png
Ruschk Scalp
  • Tursh Scalp Icon.png
Tursh Scalp

Snow Lilies
  • Snow Lily Icon.png
Snow Lily
  • Snow Flake Charm Icon.png
Snow Flake Charm

Thrungus Hovels
  • Thrungus Hovel Locations Icon.png
Thrungus Hovel Locations
  • An old chest Icon.png
An old chest
  • Stolen Necklace Icon.png
Stolen Necklace
  • Stolen Platter Icon.png
Stolen Platter
  • Stolen Ring Icon.png
Stolen Ring
  • Stolen Brew Kettle Icon.png
Stolen Brew Kettle
  • Stolen Amulet Icon.png
Stolen Amulet
  • Stolen Ewer Icon.png
Stolen Ewer
  • Stolen Bracelet Icon.png
Stolen Bracelet
  • Stolen Frying Pan Icon.png
Stolen Frying Pan
  • The Thrungus - Part I Icon.png
The Thrungus - Part I
  • The Thrungus - Part II Icon.png
The Thrungus - Part II
  • The Thrungus - Part III Icon.png
The Thrungus - Part III
  • The Thrungus - Part IV Icon.png
The Thrungus - Part IV
  • Viamontian Guardian Bracelet Icon.png
Viamontian Guardian Bracelet

Trade Alliance Quest
  • An Alliance of Merchants Icon.png
An Alliance of Merchants
  • Lubziklan al-Luq Trade Proposal Icon.png
Lubziklan al-Luq Trade Proposal
  • Renald the Eldest Trade Proposal Icon.png
Renald the Eldest Trade Proposal
  • Gonjoku Den Trade Proposal Icon.png
Gonjoku Den Trade Proposal
  • Trade Contacts Icon.png
Trade Contacts
  • Lubziklan al-Luq Trade Agreement Icon.png
Lubziklan al-Luq Trade Agreement
  • Renald the Eldest Refusal Icon.png
Renald the Eldest Refusal
  • Gonjoku Den Trade Agreement Icon.png
Gonjoku Den Trade Agreement
  • Mossy Herb Icon.png
Mossy Herb
  • Wine Cellar Key Icon.png
Wine Cellar Key
  • Wine Cellar Door Icon.png
Wine Cellar Door
  • Wine Chest Icon.png
Wine Chest
  • Cove Apple Wine (Drudge Hovel) Icon.png
Cove Apple Wine (Drudge Hovel)
  • Glorious Apple Icon.png
Glorious Apple
  • Renald's Old Mug Icon.png
Renald's Old Mug
  • Gonjoku's Mana Infusion Icon.png
Gonjoku's Mana Infusion

Defense of Zaikhal
  • Viamontian Reconnaissance Icon.png
Viamontian Reconnaissance
  • Royal Blood Icon.png
Royal Blood

  • Platinum Legion Quartermaster's Key Icon.png
Platinum Legion Quartermaster's Key
  • Platinum Legion Quartermaster's Chest Icon.png
Platinum Legion Quartermaster's Chest
  • Platinum Legion Door Key Icon.png
Platinum Legion Door Key
  • Platinum Legion Door Icon.png
Platinum Legion Door
  • Dispatch to Captain Balanchi Icon.png
Dispatch to Captain Balanchi
  • Platinum Invader Lord Helm Icon.png
Platinum Invader Lord Helm
  • Corcima Castle Platinum Ward Portal Gem Icon.png
Corcima Castle Platinum Ward Portal Gem
  • Blooded Platinum Invader Lord Helm Icon.png
Blooded Platinum Invader Lord Helm
  • Dispatch to General Corcima Icon.png
Dispatch to General Corcima
  • Shard of Corcima's Armor Icon.png
Shard of Corcima's Armor
  • Coat of the Zaikhal Defender Icon.png
Coat of the Zaikhal Defender

  • Gold Legion Quartermaster's Key Icon.png
Gold Legion Quartermaster's Key
  • Gold Legion Quartermaster's Chest Icon.png
Gold Legion Quartermaster's Chest
  • Gold Legion Door Key Icon.png
Gold Legion Door Key
  • Dispatch to Captain Aurachon Icon.png
Dispatch to Captain Aurachon
  • Gold Invader Lord Helm Icon.png
Gold Invader Lord Helm
  • Corcima Castle Gold Ward Portal Gem Icon.png
Corcima Castle Gold Ward Portal Gem
  • Blooded Gold Invader Lord Helm Icon.png
Blooded Gold Invader Lord Helm

  • Silver Legion Quartermaster's Key Icon.png
Silver Legion Quartermaster's Key
  • Silver Legion Quartermaster's Chest Icon.png
Silver Legion Quartermaster's Chest
  • Silver Legion Door Key Icon.png
Silver Legion Door Key
  • Dispatch to Captain Argenne Icon.png
Dispatch to Captain Argenne
  • Silver Invader Lord Helm Icon.png
Silver Invader Lord Helm
  • Corcima Castle Silver Ward Portal Gem Icon.png
Corcima Castle Silver Ward Portal Gem
  • Blooded Silver Invader Lord Helm Icon.png
Blooded Silver Invader Lord Helm

  • Copper Legion Quartermaster's Key Icon.png
Copper Legion Quartermaster's Key
  • Copper Legion Quartermaster's Chest Icon.png
Copper Legion Quartermaster's Chest
  • Copper Legion Door Key Icon.png
Copper Legion Door Key
  • Dispatch to Captain Ramelle Icon.png
Dispatch to Captain Ramelle
  • Copper Invader Lord Helm Icon.png
Copper Invader Lord Helm
  • Corcima Castle Copper Ward Portal Gem Icon.png
Corcima Castle Copper Ward Portal Gem
  • Blooded Copper Invader Lord Helm Icon.png
Blooded Copper Invader Lord Helm

Training Academy Quest Update
  • Academy Exit Token Icon.png
Academy Exit Token
  • Academy Library Key Icon.png
Academy Library Key
  • Guide to Chat Icon.png
Guide to Chat
  • Protection Orb Icon.png
Protection Orb
  • Restoring the Training Academies Icon.png
Restoring the Training Academies
  • Letter From Home (Aluvian) Icon.png
Letter From Home (Aluvian)
  • Letter From Home (Gharu'ndim) Icon.png
Letter From Home (Gharu'ndim)
  • Letter From Home (Sho) Icon.png
Letter From Home (Sho)
  • Letter From Home (Viamontian) Icon.png
Letter From Home (Viamontian)

New Spells

New Titles


Portaldat 200507.png

New Creatures

Armoredillo Icon.png Armoredillo

Auroch Icon.png Auroch

Banderling Icon.png Banderling

Carenzi Icon.png Carenzi

Eater Icon.png Eater

Fiun Icon.png Fiun

Ghost Icon.png Ghost

Golem Icon.png Golem

Grievver Icon.png Grievver

Human Icon.png Human

Knathtead Icon.png Knathtead

Lugian Icon.png Lugian

Mattekar Icon.png Mattekar

Mite Icon.png Mite

Mosswart Icon.png Mosswart

Mu-miyah Icon.png Mu-miyah

Niffis Icon.png Niffis

Olthoi Icon.png Olthoi

Olthoi Larvae Icon.png Olthoi Larvae

Penguin Icon.png Penguin

Phyntos Wasp Icon.png Phyntos Wasp

Rat Icon.png Rat

Reedshark Icon.png Reedshark

Ruschk Icon.png Ruschk

Shadow Icon.png Shadow

Skeleton Icon.png Skeleton

Thrungus Icon.png Thrungus

Ursuin Icon.png Ursuin

Viamontian Knight Icon.png Viamontian Knight

Virindi Icon.png Virindi

Zefir Icon.png Zefir

Updated Creatures


Texture Updates: Before & After

Click image for full size.

Known Issues


  • Amber Barley - This barley has a nice amber color. It can be used to produced [sic] a fine amber ale.

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