Tibri's Fire Spear

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Introduced:  Release Related Quests:  Tibri's Fire Spear Quest Updated:  A Perfect Paradox, Master of Arms
Tibri's Fire Spear
Value: 2,500
700 Burden Units
Tibri's Fire Spear Icon.png

Tibri's flaming spear that does fire damage.

Skill: Heavy Weapons (Spear)
Damage: 7 - 28, Fire
Speed: Fast (30) (0)
Bonus to Attack Skill: +4% (11.5%)
Bonus to Melee Defense: +4% (11.5%)

Casts the following spells: Defender III, Fire Protection Self III, Blood Drinker III, Swift Killer III, Heart Seeker III

Activation Requirements: Arcane Lore: 25

Spellcraft: 55
Mana: 1440
Mana Cost: 1 point per 30 seconds.

Tibri's Fire Spear


  • Found on the ground at the end of A Cave near Cragstone.
  • Give to Tibri the Cavedweller, also found in the same dungeon, for 75,000 xp.
  • There is no timer on picking up the spear but there is a 27 day timer on turning it for experience.

Update History

A Perfect Paradox
  • Base damage increased from 2 - 8 to 4 - 16.
  • +4% attack/defense modifiers added.
  • Spells updated from:
    • Blood Drinker II
    • Heart Seeker II

Master of Arms

  • Skill was changed from Spear to Heavy Weapons.
  • Base damage upped from 4-16 to 7 - 28.
  • 125 spear activation req. changed to Arcane Lore: 25.
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