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"Timaru is the capital city of the Aun Tumeroks who have made peace with the Isparians and their allies. It is located on the Marescent Plateau of Marae Lassel. Sitting atop an even smaller plateau, Aun Firanauri the Gate Keeper vigilantly guards the town, and will not allow entry to anyone who has offended the Aun Xuta." --Town Network Sign

  • Timaru is a town populated by the Aun Tumeroks. It is located on a hill at 44.2N, 78.0W on the Marescent Plateau on Marae Lassel.
  • The Plateau is restricted to characters level 35+. The town itself sits atop a smaller plateau. Speak to Aun Firanauri, an NPC at the base, in order to get portaled into the town. If you have recently been hunting Aun Tumeroks he may not grant you access.
  • As part of the quest to slay the Olthoi Queen under Marae Lassel you must break the Menhir Rings on the island and by doing so Firanauri will refuse to let you enter the town for 3 weeks (that is unless you are the one that kills the Queen).

Map Dereth Point


To Timaru

Location Coords Destination Coords Restrictions
Town Network Annex (South) Timaru 44.2N, 78.5W None

From Timaru

Location Coords Destination Coords Restrictions
Timaru 44.1N, 78.0W Town Network N/A None


NPC Name Location Type Details
Aun Maanuawa the Armorer Town - 44.2N 77.9W Shopkeeper Armor & Weapons
Aun Laranawa the Barkeep Town - 44.3N 78.0W Shopkeeper Food, Drinks, Rumors
Aun Paikitea the Bowyer Town - 44.2N 77.9W Shopkeeper Fletching Items, Missile Weapons
Aun Taguauri the Healer Town - 44.1N 77.9W Shopkeeper Healing Potions, Services
Aun Dreganaua the Elder Shaman Town - 44.2N 78.1W Shopkeeper Portal Gems, Spell Components, Magic Items
Aun Ngaiona the Jeweler Town - 43.9N 78.1W (Outside Gate) Shopkeeper Jewelry
Aun Mireona the Shopkeep Town - 43.9N 78.1W (Outside Gate) Shopkeeper Provisioner, Containers, Keys
Aun Hareltah Town - 44.2N 78.1W Quest Olthoi Queen Quest
Aun Kimintari Town - 44.2N 78.1W Quest Guardian of the Deru Trees of Marae Lassel
Aun Rukuona Town - 44.2N 78.1W Quest Hea Totem Quest
Aun Turiona Town - 44.2N 78.1W Quest Hea Totem Quest
Aun Kiriona Town - 44.2N 78.1W Quest Hea Totem Quest
Aun Ngationa Town - 44.2N 78.1W Quest Hea Totem Quest, Buadren
Aun Faranua Town - 44.2N 78.3W Quest Captain K'rank's Errands
Aun Ruperea Town - 44.3N 77.9W Quest Voracious Eater Kill Task
Aun Whethura the Crafter Town - 43.9N 78.1W (Outside Gate) Crafter Siraluun Dresses
Aun Mareura the Collector Town - 43.9N 78.1W (Outside Gate) Collector Uncarved Virindi Singularity Keys
Aun Firanauri the Gate Keeper 44.N 78.4W (Down below by the river) Miscellaneous Portals you up to Timaru


Creatures that are commonly found in the area surrounding Timaru.

Human Icon.png Human

Olthoi Icon.png Olthoi

Siraluun Icon.png Siraluun

Tumerok Icon.png Tumerok

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