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Quest Summary
Quest Type: Solo
Start Location: Character Creation
Timer: Once per Character
Level Restrictions: 1 - 5
Rewards Summary
Full details here
Academy Weapons,
Pathwarden Armor,
and other Equipment
Max XP:
Full details here
11,000 xp
Titles: None
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Introduced In: The First Strike
Updated In: The Iron Coast,
All That They Survey,
Throne of Destiny,
Toward Ancient Shores,
Who Watches the Virindi?,
Reforging the Past,
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The Society Greeter

Quest Overview

Society Greeter tells you, "Hail and welcome to Dereth! No time to chat! Time to get on with your training!"

Walk Through


  1. Speak with the Society Greeter, hand her your Calling Stone, then use the door to the East.
  2. Speak with Samuel, then find all 3 pieces of armor and return to him:
  3. Use the door to the East and speak with the Training Master.
  4. Kill a Sparring Golem, loot an Academy Token from its corpse, and return it to the Training Master.
  5. Now enter the Central Courtyard portal to the right and speak with the Academy Foreman.
  6. Take the passage to the West and kill a Carpenter Wasp. Loot a Carpenter Wasp Wing from its corpse and return it to the Academy Foreman.
  7. Speak to the Academy Blacksmith to the South, head through the South passage and kill a Thieving Thrungus to retrieve Bellows. Return them to the Academy Blacksmith to receive an Academy Library Key.
  8. Use the Academy Library Key on the door to the East and speak with the Academy Researcher.
  9. Purchase the Oil of Rendering from the Academy Researcher, and apply it to your Training Weapon to create an Academy Weapon.
    • As you pour the Oil of Rendering onto the Training Spadone, it slowly deepens to a lustrous red.

  1. Speak with the Senior Guard, then the Sentry and kill the Adolescent Olthoi and loot a Protection Orb. Return the orb to the Sentry and you'll be given an Academy Coat and a Facility Hub Portal Gem.

Post Academy

  1. Speak to one of the four Lifestone Greeters to learn about the Lifestone and receive a starter quest contract and advance one level.
  2. Using the information in your contract panel (quill icon in the lower right corner), speak to Bartender Greeter inside the local tavern.
  3. They will tell you a little about Contracts and the local Barkeep who sells contracts for the nearby Starter Quests. He will also give you enough xp to advance one level and another mini-quest which he gives you the contract for.
  4. Head to one of the four Pathwarden Greeters who are found near the Lifestone to complete the "Find the Pathwarden" contract and earn another 12,500 xp. Give your Pathwarden Token to the greeter to receive a Pathwarden Supply Key, the key unlocks a chest that contains race specific starter armor and a robe.
  5. Once you have found better armor and no longer need the pathwarden armor, you can turn it back in to one of the Pathwarden Greeters for other useful items. Don't forget to wield the Pathwarden Trinket to increase experience earned by 4%.
  6. See Starter Quests and Facility Hub Quests for more quests aimed at helping new explorers level up.


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Training Academy N/A -- 7204 -- --


Quest Items
  • Academy Exit Token Icon.png
Academy Exit Token
  • Calling Stone Icon.png
Calling Stone
  • Academy Token Icon.png
Academy Token
  • Carpenter Wasp Wing Icon.png
Carpenter Wasp Wing
  • Bellows Icon.png
  • Academy Library Key Icon.png
Academy Library Key
  • Oil of Rendering Icon.png
Oil of Rendering
  • Protection Orb Icon.png
Protection Orb
  • Academy Coat Icon.png
Academy Coat
  • Facility Hub Portal Gem Icon.png
Facility Hub Portal Gem
  • Pathwarden Token Icon.png
Pathwarden Token
  • Pathwarden Supply Key Icon.png
Pathwarden Supply Key
  • Pathwarden Chest Icon.png
Pathwarden Chest

  • Letter From Home Icon.png
Letter From Home
  • Restoring the Training Academies Icon.png
Restoring the Training Academies
  • Combat and Spellcasting Guide Icon.png
Combat and Spellcasting Guide
  • Guide to Chat Icon.png
Guide to Chat
  • Guide to Healing Icon.png
Guide to Healing
  • Guide to Raising Skills and Attributes Icon.png
Guide to Raising Skills and Attributes
  • Tinkering (Text) Icon.png
Tinkering (Text)

Training Weapons
  • Training Atlatl Icon.png
Training Atlatl
  • Training Bastone Icon.png
Training Bastone
  • Training Battle Axe Icon.png
Training Battle Axe
  • Training Broad Sword Icon.png
Training Broad Sword
  • Training Budiaq Icon.png
Training Budiaq
  • Training Cestus Icon.png
Training Cestus
  • Training Club Icon.png
Training Club
  • Training Dabus Icon.png
Training Dabus
  • Training Dagger Icon.png
Training Dagger
  • Training Dirk Icon.png
Training Dirk
  • Training Hand Axe Icon.png
Training Hand Axe
  • Training Handwraps Icon.png
Training Handwraps
  • Training Ken Icon.png
Training Ken
  • Training Knife Icon.png
Training Knife
  • Training Knuckles Icon.png
Training Knuckles
  • Light Training Crossbow Icon.png
Light Training Crossbow
  • Training Mace Icon.png
Training Mace
  • Training Short Sword Icon.png
Training Short Sword
  • Training Shortbow Icon.png
Training Shortbow
  • Training Spadone Icon.png
Training Spadone
  • Training Spear Icon.png
Training Spear
  • Training Staff Icon.png
Training Staff
  • Training Stick Icon.png
Training Stick
  • Training Trident Icon.png
Training Trident
  • Training Tungi Icon.png
Training Tungi
  • Training Wand Icon.png
Training Wand

Academy Weapons
  • Academy Atlatl Icon.png
Academy Atlatl
  • Academy Bastone Icon.png
Academy Bastone
  • Academy Battle Axe Icon.png
Academy Battle Axe
  • Academy Broad Sword Icon.png
Academy Broad Sword
  • Academy Budiaq Icon.png
Academy Budiaq
  • Academy Cestus Icon.png
Academy Cestus
  • Academy Club Icon.png
Academy Club
  • Academy Dabus Icon.png
Academy Dabus
  • Academy Dagger Icon.png
Academy Dagger
  • Academy Dirk Icon.png
Academy Dirk
  • Academy Hand Axe Icon.png
Academy Hand Axe
  • Academy Handwraps Icon.png
Academy Handwraps
  • Academy Ken Icon.png
Academy Ken
  • Academy Knife Icon.png
Academy Knife
  • Academy Knuckles Icon.png
Academy Knuckles
  • Academy Light Crossbow Icon.png
Academy Light Crossbow
  • Academy Mace Icon.png
Academy Mace
  • Academy Short Sword Icon.png
Academy Short Sword
  • Academy Shortbow Icon.png
Academy Shortbow
  • Academy Spadone Icon.png
Academy Spadone
  • Academy Spear Icon.png
Academy Spear
  • Academy Staff Icon.png
Academy Staff
  • Academy Stick Icon.png
Academy Stick
  • Academy Tungi Icon.png
Academy Tungi
  • Academy Trident Icon.png
Academy Trident
  • Academy Wand Icon.png
Academy Wand

Pathwarden Armor
  • Pathwarden Robe (Aluvian) Icon.png
Pathwarden Robe (Aluvian)
  • Pathwarden Robe (Gharu'ndim) Icon.png
Pathwarden Robe (Gharu'ndim)
  • Pathwarden Robe (Sho) Icon.png
Pathwarden Robe (Sho)
  • Pathwarden Robe (Viamontian) Icon.png
Pathwarden Robe (Viamontian)
  • Pathwarden Diforsa Leggings Icon.png
Pathwarden Diforsa Leggings
  • Pathwarden Diforsa Hauberk Icon.png
Pathwarden Diforsa Hauberk
  • Pathwarden Scale Leggings Icon.png
Pathwarden Scale Leggings
  • Pathwarden Scale Hauberk Icon.png
Pathwarden Scale Hauberk
  • Pathwarden Plate Leggings Icon.png
Pathwarden Plate Leggings
  • Pathwarden Plate Hauberk Icon.png
Pathwarden Plate Hauberk
  • Pathwarden Yoroi Leggings Icon.png
Pathwarden Yoroi Leggings
  • Pathwarden Yoroi Hauberk Icon.png
Pathwarden Yoroi Hauberk
  • Pathwarden Gauntlets Icon.png
Pathwarden Gauntlets
  • Pathwarden Helm Icon.png
Pathwarden Helm
  • Pathwarden Sollerets Icon.png
Pathwarden Sollerets
  • Pathwarden Trinket Icon.png
Pathwarden Trinket
  • Salvaged Granite (Pathwarden) Icon.png
Salvaged Granite (Pathwarden)
  • Salvaged Steel (Pathwarden) Icon.png
Salvaged Steel (Pathwarden)

Experience Rewards

Task Required Max Experience Percentage & Level Cap
Give the Academy Token to the Training Master 1,000xp

Fixed XP

Give the Carpenter Wasp Wing to the Academy Foreman 2,000xp

Fixed XP

Give the Bellows to the Academy Blacksmith 3,000xp

Fixed XP

Give the Protection Orb to the Sentry 5,000xp

Fixed XP

See Level Costs for per level information.

Lore and Dialog

Society Greeter tells you, "Hail and welcome to Dereth! No time to chat! Time to get on with your training!"
Society Greeter tells you, "Click on the Backpack in the lower right corner of your screen to open your Inventory. Click on the blue Calling Stone, and drag it to me."

You give Society Greeter Calling Stone.
Society Greeter tells you, "Excellent! Your backpack contains all of the items in your inventory. You will notice that your pack contains multiple bags. Over time you can pick up more bags, thereby increasing the number of items you can carry!"
Society Greeter tells you, "Why don't you go talk to the Agent in the next room? Double-click the doors to open them."

You allow Society Greeter to examine your Letter From Home.
Society Greeter tells you, "This is yours. Keep it if you like, or just put it on the ground to get rid of it. Of course, if you want to keep the world free from litter, you can give this note - and any other trash you might have - to a Town Crier."

Samuel tells you, "Looks like you need some armor! There are 3 different pieces of armor here. Can you find them all? Double-click on me again when you are done."

Samuel tells you, "You found some armor! To equip your armor, drag it from your backpack onto your paperdoll. You can wear armor over your clothes, but you cannot wear a piece of armor over another piece of armor."
Samuel tells you, "You may now proceed to the Training Area."

You allow Samuel to examine your Leather Gauntlets.
Samuel tells you, "Drag this item onto your paperdoll to wear it."

You allow Samuel to examine your Restoring the Training Academies.
Samuel tells you, "Ah, you found one of our confidential missives! No, don't worry, I'm not angry. You should read it. It will give you some idea of the current political situation here on Dereth."

Training Master tells you, "As you proceed through the Training Area, warriors should read the signs on the left. Spellcasters should read the signs on the right."
Training Master tells you, "The signs will tell you how to retrieve the Academy Token. Bring that token back to me."

You give Training Master Academy Token.
Training Master tells you, "Excellent work! You have completed your combat training! You may now take the portal to the Central Courtyard. Once you have teleported to the Central Courtyard, speak to the Academy Foreman to continue your training."

Academy Foreman tells you, "Help has arrived at last! Quickly, Carpenter Wasps have infested my woodpile! There are so many of them; could you help me clear out a few? They are here through this door beside me. If you bring me one of their wings to prove that you have taken some of them out, I will surely reward you."

You give Academy Foreman Carpenter Wasp Wing.
Academy Foreman tells you, "Thank you! You are certainly doing your part to ensure that this Academy will thrive. Let me reward you with experience."
Academy Foreman tells you, "You should go visit the Academy Blacksmith now; The Thrungum have been stealing from him, and I'm sure he could use your help. Good luck with the rest of the Academy!"

Academy Blacksmith tells you, "Perhaps you could help me with these thieving Thrungum. They and their noxious kin have stolen my bellows! The last time I saw them, they were running towards the vegetable gardens. Retrieve my bellows for me, and I will reward you!"

You give Academy Blacksmith Bellows.
Academy Blacksmith tells you, "Tell My bellows! Thank you. Take this, with my thanks!"
Academy Blacksmith tells you, "You should visit the Academy Researcher. Purchase the Oil of Rendering from him and use it on your weapon. I guarantee you, that Oil will greatly improve your weapon's effectiveness."
Academy Blacksmith tells you, "Use this key to enter the Academy Library. Double-click the key, then click on the door to open it."
Academy Blacksmith gives you Academy Library Key.

Academy Researcher tells you, "You wish to purchase the Oil of Rendering? Please do! It's the only thing I have left!"
Academy Researcher tells you, "Excellent choice, my friend!"

Senior Guard tells you, "A hive of Olthoi just breached the walls of the Outer Courtyard. I need you to help us clear them out. Go through this portal, then talk to the Sentry."
Senior Guard tells you, "Go!"

Sentry tells you, "You must be the one the Senior Guard told me about. Thank you for your assistance."
Sentry tells you, "A hive of Olthoi just breached the Outer Wall. They stole a collection of Protection Orbs. Without those orbs, we have no way of shielding ourselves from their Queen!"
Sentry tells you, "You must infiltrate the hive and travel as deep into it as you can. Find the Adolescent Olthoi and kill it. Bring back one of those orbs!"
Sentry tells you, "Go!"

You give Sentry Protection Orb.
Sentry tells you, "Thank you! You have done the Dereth Exploration Society a great service. Take this last gift from us at the Academy; it will serve you well in your initial travels."
Sentry tells you, "Now, you must leave this place. There is nothing more that we can teach you here. Use the portal to Holtburg. When you get there, seek out Flinrala Ryndmad. She may have a task for you. Take care in your adventures, friend."
Sentry gives you Academy Coat.
Sentry gives you Facility Hub Portal Gem.
You've earned 5,000 experience.
You are now level 5!

You give Thorolf Pathwarden Scale Leggings.
Thorolf tells you, "Found a better set of leggings already, have you? Well done. I'll take that back from you. Take this Sturdy Iron Key. Should you come across a Sturdy Iron Chest in your adventures throughout Dereth, this key will open it, and with luck you will find some useful armor or weaponry in that cache."
Thorolf gives you Sturdy Iron Key.

You give Thorolf Pathwarden Sollerets.
Thorolf tells you, "Found better footwear already, have you? Well done. I'll take that back from you. In exchange, I'll give you a bag of high quality Steel, which ought to be useful to you when you start tinkering your armor."
Thorolf gives you Salvaged Steel.

You give Thorolf Pathwarden Gauntlets.
Thorolf tells you, "Found better gloves already, have you? Well done. I'll take that back from you. In exchange, I'll give you a bag of high quality Steel, which ought to be useful to you when you start tinkering your armor."
Thorolf gives you Salvaged Steel.

You give Thorolf Pathwarden Helm.
Thorolf tells you, "Found a better helmet already, have you? Well done. I'll take that back from you. In exchange, I'll give you a bag of high quality Granite, which ought to be useful to you when you start tinkering your weapons."
Thorolf gives you Salvaged Granite.

Update History

The Iron Coast
  • Xp reward for Academy Token increased from ?? to 1,000xp.
  • Xp reward for Carpenter Wasp Wing increased from ?? to 2,000xp.
  • Xp reward for Blacksmith Bellows increased from ?? to 3,000xp.
  • Xp reward for A Crumpled Note increased from 1,500 to 5,000xp.

All That They Survey

  • Tinkering text added to the Training Academy.

Throne of Destiny

Toward Ancient Shores

Who Watches the Virindi?

Reforging the Past

Balance of Power

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