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Collectors and Crafters - Popular Trophies


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Trophies are items that can appear on defeated Creatures and inside Chests in addition to standard generated Loot. There are also some items that spawn on the environment that are often referred to as trophies.

Main Types

Trophy Type Use
Currency Icon.png Currency Alternate currencies can be found as trophies and used to purchase quality items from alt currency vendors.
Keys and Picks Icon.png Keys and Picks Can be found in usable form or as broken, and craftable, keys. Many golem hearts can be crafted into Key Rings to save on pack space.
Portal Gems Icon.png Portal Gems Gems that transport you to another location.
Stamps Icon.png Stamps Used to stamp images onto Flags and other items.
Body Parts Icon.png Body Parts Body parts are usually given to collectors and crafters for rewards but some can also be crafted or used as quest items.
Quest Items Icon.png Quest Items Items that are used specifically to complete a quest. These items are usually fixed trophies (appear everytime but with quest timers). Some body parts have secondary uses as part of a quest such as the Harbinger Quest items for example.
Ancient Empyrean Trinket Icon.png Ancient Empyrean Trinket
Ancient Falatacot Trinket Icon.png Ancient Falatacot Trinket
Ancient trinkets can be gambled for xp at the Dens of Iniquity or given to Agents of the Arcanum for writs of refuge.

Creature Trophy Lists

Armoredillo  |  Aun Tumerok  |  Auroch  |  A'nekshay  |  Banderling  |  Blighted Moarsman  |  Burun  |  Carenzi  |  Chicken  |  Cow  |  Crystal  |  Doll  |  Drudge  |  Eater  |  Elemental  |  Fiun  |  Gear Knight  |  Ghost  |  Golem  |  Gotrok Lugian  |  Gurog  |  Grievver  |  Gromnie  |  Harvest  |  Hea Tumerok  |  Hollow Minion  |  Human  |  Idol  |  Knath  |  Lugian  |  Margul  |  Marionette  |  Mattekar  |  Misc. Creature Class  |  Mite  |  Moar  |  Moarsman  |  Monouga  |  Mosswart  |  Mukkir  |  Niffis  |  Olthoi  |  Paradox Olthoi  |  Penguin  |  Phyntos Wasp  |  Rabbit  |  Rat  |  Reedshark  |  Remoran  |  Rift  |  Ruschk  |  Scarecrow  |  Sclavus  |  Shadow  |  Shallows Shark  |  Shreth  |  Siraluun  |  Simulacrum  |  Skeleton  |  Sleech  |  Slithis  |  Snowman  |  Statue  |  Thrungus  |  Tumerok  |  Tusker  |  Undead  |  Ursuin  |  Viamontian Knight  |  Virindi  |  Wisp  |  Zefir

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