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The Asheron's Call in-game tutorial, known as the Training Academy Quest, introduces you to many of the following components.


UI Revamp - 2013

  • All panels are now moveable
  • Playable 3D space no longer changes when opening UI panel elements.
  • The 3D playable area can be resized to allow players to relocate that space and set up panels in an area around the 3D view. Simply mouse over the edge of the window and drag any edge of the 3D panel.
  • When appropriate, many panels are resizable (try all sides/corners)
  • Panels can be locked in place using the green Lock button on the radar
  • Examination panel has now been separated from other panels
  • Examination panel text has been revamped
  • Hotbar panel can be expanded to show nine additional slots (grab and drag the bottom)
  • The combat bar can be resized the entire width of the screen.
  • Spell combat panel can be adjusted in size vertically to show/hide the spell names (grab and drag the bottom)
  • Side-By-Side Vitals can be enabled/disabled in Character Options
  • Hold left-shift to move the panels in larger increments, makes for easy alignment.
  • Examine hotkey will now open & close the panel

Chat Commands

  • Basic Save/Load UI:
    • Typing /saveui will save the current layout to a file called UI-Default.txt in the folder with your preferences.
    • Type /loadui loads that layout from UI-Default.txt.
  • Saving/Loading multiple UI layouts:
    • If you specify a filename with /saveui it will save the layout to a specific txt file by the same name: [filename].txt
    • If you specify a filename with /loadui it will attempt to load your layout from [filename].txt
    • Example: /saveui awesomemelee would create a file named awesomemelee.txt which you could then load using /loadui awesomemelee
  • Advanced Feature: Auto UI
    • /saveautoui - Save your layout in a file specific to your character and resolution.
    • If you change resolution while logged on that character, the game will attempt to load the layout you saved with /saveautoui.
    • It is possible to perform a save for each resolution you would like to use while playing that character, and the game will automatically switch between those resolutions. There is a /loadautoui command to force a load if it does not load automatically.

Decal Alternatives to Manage Layout

  • [Virindi Window Tool] gives you the option to save/load layouts with a User Interface rather than chat commands. Saves the location of AC panels as well as Decal Plugins.
  • Provides the "AC Old UI" option that forces the panels to assume their original positions, as well as move/adjust the screen as you use them. [Example]
  • If you capture a layout with AC Old UI enabled it will only affect plugins and the floating chat windows
  • VWT comes with the [Virindi Tank Bundle]

Sharing UI Layouts

  • UI files are saved in the same location as screenshots ( \\MyDocuments\Asheron's Call )
  • You can make fine tuned adjustments by editing in notepad.
  • Simply place shared files in the same location and load using the chat commands in game.

Visual Guide

  • Not updated for new UI, however most panel information is relevant.

An example of the UI using the default settings and resolution of 800x600. Hover your mouse over areas of the screen for a description. Click an area for more information.

User-Interface 01.jpgUser-Interface 02.jpgUser-Interface 03.jpgStatus PanelsIn Game HelpExit Game
3D Display
Chat & Event Log
User-Interface 08.jpg
Panel Header
User-Interface 10.jpg
Container Slots
Peace/Combat Mode User-Interface 16.jpgUser-Interface 17.jpgUser-Interface 18.jpgUser-Interface 27.jpgUser-Interface 19.jpgUser-Interface 20.jpg Open/Close Inventory
Use Selected TargetSelected Target BarExamine Selected Target
Shortcut Slots

Components of the UI

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Update History

Dreams of Torment
  • Complete UI Revamp
  • Customizable UI

Throne of Destiny expansion

  • New interface skin.
  • Pop-up dialogues.
  • Instead of logging out and changing the keys from the login screen, keys are changed in-game using a large pop-up interface.
  • Floating help system window that has branching, easy-to-navigate menus.
  • The chat window can now be resized smoothly by clicking and dragging on its upper edge.
  • To alert the player when new text has come in, a small, blinking arrow appears at the bottom of the chat box instead of automatically scrolling down.
  • The status text, that used to appear in the top corner, has been moved to the top center, made red and enlarged.
  • You now see a 3D model of any person or monster, instead of a small icon, when you view them in the Examine Target Panel.


  • Keyboard binds for mapping a number of UI panels and character options added.

Friend and Foe

  • Tooltip added for when you have dragged an item over to another object, player or NPC in the 3D window, so you can be sure you're about to hand it to the right thing or person.

Blood From Stone

  • Mouse Turn & Movement introduced.
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