Virindi Quidiox Kill Task

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Quest Summary
Quest Type: Solo
Start Location: Ayan Baqur
Timer: 13 Days
Level Restrictions: 100+
Level Suggestions: 125+
Rewards Summary
Full details here
Barely Comprehensible Magic Scroll
Max XP:
Full details here
Titles: none
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Introduced In: Masked Memories
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Virindi Quidiox

Quest Overview

This hunter quest is one of the four Virindi kill tasks that rewards you with a piece of the Scepter of the Portal Currents (Candeth Keep recall wand).

Walk Through

  1. Talk to Guard Q'alia in Ayan Baqur at 60.0s, 88.0w and he tells you to kill 75 Virindi Quidioxes.
  2. Head to the Valley of Death to find them. Fixed spawns can also be found in the Chaos Virindi Cave and Archive dungeon.
  3. Return to Guard Q'alia for the reward.


  • Barely Comprehensible Magic Scroll Icon.png
Barely Comprehensible Magic Scroll

Experience Rewards

Task Required Max Experience Percentage & Level Cap
Kill 75 Virindi Quidioxes 32,000,000xp

Fixed XP

See Level Costs for per level information.

Lore & Dialog

Town Crier tells you, "Townsfolk in Qalaba'r, Wai Jhou, Candeth Keep, and Ayan Baqur are offering bounties for Virindi of all shapes and sizes! How timely!"

Guard Q'alia tells you, "Queen Elysa set me here to watch for incursions by Aerbax's Virindi...yet she allows the other Virindi, like that thrice-accursed Claude and Leopold, to remain here."
Guard Q'alia tells you, "Allow me to confide a secret. My name is Q'alia bint Hakim. My father was the Archmage Hakim, one of the bravest and strongest of the land."
Guard Q'alia tells you, "That cowled beast killed him, and left the body out to rot all these years...and no one dared raise a finger! Even still they are allowed to hover smugly in their tents, and the only one who will even hear me out is Ulgrim!"
Guard Q'alia tells you, "What I would have of you? Claude and Leopold are too closely watched. However, their kin in the Valley of Death are not. Go there now, and slay 75 Virindi Quidioxes. That will grant a small amount of vengeance for my father."

Guard Q'alia tells you, "It is done! You recognize the danger of the Singularity, and that is wise. Take this scroll - if read over an inert scepter, it may give it power."
You've earned 32,000,000 experience.
Guard Q'alia gives you Barely Comprehensible Magic Scroll.

Guard Q'alia tells you, "The Virindi are on the run. I'll let you know if I need you help to further punish them."

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