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Quest Summary
Quest Type: Small Group
Start Location: Holtburg
Timer: 27 Days
Level Restrictions: None
Rewards Summary
Full details here
Emblem of Marriage,
Wedding Ring
Max XP: None
Titles: None
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Introduced In: Betrayal
Grand Sentinel Ehcac

Quest Overview

Walk Through

Step 1: Wedding Trials Dungeon

  • Make your way to the Wedding Trials Dungeon just outside of Arwic at 32.8N, 55.2E.
    • Route: Holtburg -> Arwic portal (42.7N, 34.3E).

It's a straightforward quest dungeon. However, because it is for marriage, you do need to have two people (but yes with a good run skill you can solo). Once you enter the dungeon one person takes a right hall, and one person takes the left hall. Follow the hall down past the "Cold Feet" portal, to a door that you can't open. At this point on the wall in the room with the door you will find a button. Each room will have one. The person who took the right hall will open the left halls door with his button, and vise versa. This will lead to hall where both of you will once more come together. Down the hall about half way there is another hall that leads to a room with a K'nath named "Jealousy". Both of you will need to get a kill on Jealousy. He drops an item called, "Symbol of Friendship". Don't worry though, he spawns about every 30 seconds. From this room there are two doors. Each person takes a door, and follows the hall to the next room.

In this room you will find a "pressure plate" that like the buttons will open the opposite door, and allow the other person to advance. Once you're past the door that is opened by the pressure plate follow the hall yet again to another room that holds the K'nath named Anger. Slay him and loot the "Symbol of Love"

Combine your Symbol of Friendship and your Symbol of Love to get the "Symbol of Commitment". Once you both have this, take the door that you didn't use to enter this room to leave it. This will lead to hall and to the last K'nath. This one is named Greed, on it you will find the "Symbol of Honor". Combine the Symbol of Honor and the Symbol of Commitment to get "Symbol of Marriage".

Step 2: The Wedding Ceremony

You now have the "hard" part of the quest done, now off to find a Grand Sentinel to do the ceremony. They are easily found by going to one of the Wedding Planners and getting a portal gem. There are 3 portal gems that you can buy for around 35k a piece. Each takes you to a different spot. They are…

Once you and your friends have arrived give your Symbol of Marriage to the Grand Sentinel. He will then commence the ceremony. During the ceremony you will receive a Wedding Ring, Emblem of Marriage, and Promise Gem -- which, when used, makes the fireworks for hitting 126/maxing out a skill occur from your character.

Congratulations, on your new life in Dereth as husband and wife!


Dungeon Coordinates Wiki Map ACmaps Other Quests
Wedding Trials Dungeon 32.8N, 55.3E -- 5269 -- --


Quest Items
  • Symbol of Friendship Icon.png
Symbol of Friendship
  • Symbol of Love Icon.png
Symbol of Love
  • Symbol of Commitment Icon.png
Symbol of Commitment
  • Symbol of Honor Icon.png
Symbol of Honor
  • Symbol of Marriage Icon.png
Symbol of Marriage
  • Promise Gem Icon.png
Promise Gem

Wedding Planner Items
  • Bottle of Champagne Icon.png
Bottle of Champagne
  • Invitation Wedding Hall Icon.png
Invitation Wedding Hall
  • Invitation Plateau Icon.png
Invitation Plateau
  • Invitation Ithaenc Cathedral Icon.png
Invitation Ithaenc Cathedral
  • Elegant Flower Bouquet Icon.png
Elegant Flower Bouquet
  • Simple Flower Bouquet Icon.png
Simple Flower Bouquet
  • Wedding Cake Figures Icon.png
Wedding Cake Figures
  • Wedding Cake Knife Icon.png
Wedding Cake Knife
  • Wedding Cake Icon.png
Wedding Cake
  • Wedding Handbook Icon.png
Wedding Handbook
  • Wedding Gown Icon.png
Wedding Gown
  • Wedding Cyclas Icon.png
Wedding Cyclas
  • Wedding Raiment Icon.png
Wedding Raiment

  • Emblem of Marriage Icon.png
Emblem of Marriage
  • Wedding Ring Icon.png
Wedding Ring

Retired Rewards
  • Emblem of Marriage (Retired) Icon.png
Emblem of Marriage (Retired)
  • The Wedding Guide Icon.png
The Wedding Guide


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Lore & Dialog

Grand Sentinel Muroba tells you, "It gives me great joy knowing those I join in union go forth to make this land a happier and healthier place to be."

Grand Sentinel Tretia tells you, "To begin the marriage ceremony, you must first hand me the Symbol of Marriage. If you are in search of the Symbol, a series of tests await you near Arwic."

Grand Sentinel Ehcac tells you, "To begin the marriage ceremony, you must first hand me the Symbol of Marriage. If you are in search of the Symbol, a series of tests await you near Arwic."

Grand Sentinel Ehcac says, "Welcome, friends and family! Let us begin the ceremony of Marriage!"

You give Grand Sentinel Ehcac Symbol of Marriage.

Grand Sentinel Ehcac says, "You have come here today to demonstrate your commitment to one another. You come bearing the Symbol of Marriage as proof of that commitment. I accept this Symbol as a your vow that you agree to love, cherish and honor your spouse for all your time here in Dereth."

Grand Sentinel Ehcac gives you Emblem of Marriage.

Grand Sentinel Ehcac says, "You have made your vows under the Symbol of that which you hold important. Before the witnesses of your friends and family, I now pronounce this union to be made. There is one last step you must take to make this union complete."

Grand Sentinel Ehcac gives you Wedding Ring.

Grand Sentinel Ehcac says, "May your marriage bring you great happiness. You should take the time to inscribe the Emblem of Marriage with words that show your commitment to your spouse, then present them."

Grand Sentinel Ehcac says, "You who stand here as witnesses are the friends and family of those seeking our blessings today. You are charged with the task of helping them in their new role of marriage, to support them in their times of need, and to do all that you can to make their marriage a blessed and happy union."

Grand Sentinel Ehcac gives you Promise Gem.

Grand Sentinel Ehcac says, "Use this Promise Gem as a final demonstration of your love. When used, the of Marriage becomes complete."


  • Weddings were originally held on request by in-game volunteers known as Sentinels. The Sentinel and Advocates program was discontinued as of the Lonely In The World event. You can read the relevant letter to the players here.
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