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This section is one of the workhorses of this tool, it lets you quickly and simply save the stats panel and icon for an in game item.

  1. While in game (windowed or fullscreen), press ALT + PRT SCR (both at the same time). This captures an image to the clipboard of just AC (if you don't press ALT the capture will be of your entire desktop).
  2. Click the Panel tab or press 1 (if not already in Panel mode), then left click the button marked with the pixel height of the panel you wish to capture. If you're uncertain how high the panel is, you can right click any of the buttons for a preview.
  3. Alternatively you can use in game screen shots, though the quality will generally be lower (more artifacts). Be sure to check the Full Screen option (in the Options section), and just drag and drop the .jpg file (screen shots are saved by default to the Asheron's Call folder in My Documents) onto one of the buttons on the left side. For example to extract an icon and a panel 300 pixels high, drop the file onto the button marked 300.
  4. An input dialog will open asking you to name the file. Type the name and press enter/return or click OK. In the Options section you can specify a prefix, a suffix, and what type of file to save as (bmp, gif, jpg, or png). You can also specify the quality of compression for jpgs, ranging from 1 to 100% (75-90% provides a good compromise between size and image quality). By default there is no suffix or prefix for stats panel images and they are saved as jpgs at 75%.
  5. There is a check box labeled Icon in the upper left corner, if checked the icon will be extracted from the image and saved as well. By default icons have "Icon" as a suffix and are saved as pngs, unless changed in the Options section. For panels without an icon, such as for creatures, simply uncheck the Icon box and no file will be saved.
  6. If you don't see the size you want on any of the buttons, hold SHIFT and right click one of the buttons (any). It will ask you the height of your panel. Now left click the newly captioned button again for the new size. If you regularly use sizes not listed, you can permanently change the buttons.

Note: for users of an OS other than Windows XP, you may need to adjust the icon location if using windowed mode.

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