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Accessed by pressing the Text tab or pressing 3, this is a simple but very useful function. The wiki code for templates is stored in individual text files in the Templates folder. When pressed each button will copy the text for that template onto the clipboard. Then just paste the text into the Wiki Edit box then fill in the details (right click then paste, or CTL + V). Some buttons have an alternate template if you right click the button instead of left clicking. For example, left clicking the Creature button gives you the standard horizontal template. Right click and the vertical template is given. Or left click NPC for quest and crafter NPCs, and right click for shopkeepers.

Little used templates were added in ver. 1.05 and are accessed via a drop down menu next to the Reload button. Selecting a template or formatting function from the drop down menu will both load the template/perform the function as well as change the Reload button to it. This means if you use it once just use the menu, but if you will use it again you can just click the button each time instead of having to use the drop down menu every time.

Because all templates are stored as text files in the Templates folder you can readily change any of them to better suit your needs. If you make a change, click the Reload button in the lower right corner to load the changes (the template files are normally loaded when the program starts). You can also add or remove templates by indicating the name to display on the button and the file name in the settings file. You can also add more templates to the drop down menu for little used templates.

Expanded Templates and Formatting

New Feature - (version 1.05)

Infrequently used templates and formatting functions can be access via the drop down menu on the right of the Reload button on the Text tab. Templates will simply load the blank template into the clipboard ready to be pasted while functions require text to be sitting in the clipboard which will then be formatted and will replace the clipboard text ready to be pasted.

Any time an item from the drop down menu is selected that action will be performed, however it will also change the Reload button to now perform that action. This means you can just click the button instead of having to use the menu every time when repeating.

Add Expanded Template

Additional templates can be added (or any chunk of text you use often) by selecting the Add Expanded Template option from the drop down menu (have the text/template already copied to the clipboard when you do this). A dialog will ask for a file name and a name to display on the button. The text will be saved as a file in the templates folder if you need to edit it later on. You can also manually edit the names/locations in the settings file.

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