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This page details information about our move to ac.wikkii.net in October of 2010. For the year previous we were hosted by Wikia.com. Please feel free to edit this page to add information you think would be widely useful. For specific questions or issues please use the Talk Page.


Reason for the Move

Over the years we have moved hosting of the wiki a couple of times, each time because we had outgrown our host's ability to handle our usage. This time our move was for quite different reasons and had to do with Wikia's decision to seriously overhaul their default skin (which controls how the wiki is laid out and its appearance). Wikia also decided to make the skin mandatory and the major contributors to the wiki decided unanimously that the changes were fundamentally incompatible with the nature of our particular wiki. Wikia was always a gracious and helpful host and we wish them well in the new direction they have decided to take their site, and regret that we cannot accompany them.

Vector and Monobook Skins

There are a number of display options in your preferences page under the Skins tab. A skin changes the appearance of the wiki. The two most popular skins are Vector and Monobook. Currently Vector is the default skin which is what readers that are not logged in will see. It is also the current default skin for Wikipedia.org and MediaWiki.org.

Unlike Wikia, where there were large functional differences between skins, the differences between Vector and Monobook are largely cosmetic, use whichever you like best (or any of the others).

Over the coming week or two we hope to add a few minor improvements to both:

  • Nested menus in the sidebar on the left to give you faster access to Wiki content. (done)
  • An activity feed link.
  • Case insensitive search. (done)
  • Editcount header for user pages (user removable if not desired). (done)

Note: The Monaco skin was developed internally by Wikia and will no longer be available even at Wikia after November. (ShoutWiki has since rolled out a version of Monaco in December 2010, many Wikia wikis moved there.)

User Names

I can't log in

User accounts have not been copied over from Wikia.

You will have to create a new account with the same name. All your contribution history is already here, you just need to create the account (email address is optional but recommended so you can recover your password and receive email from other users).

My username already exists

If someone else has used your username, and you would like to reclaim it, please follow these instructions:

  1. Log in to Wikia and send an email to Tlosk.
  2. Indicate that your name has been taken and you would like to reclaim it.

I don't like my username

Because Wikia had over 2 million users, many names were not available for use. We have already reverted names that had been changed to ASHERON-Name back to their original name. If you would like to use a different name than you were using on Wikia, register both your Wikia name and your new name here, then leave two posts here (one from each account) requesting that your contribution histories be merged (making clear which name you want to be your final name).

New Features

All Users

  • Special:MultiCategorySearch - Search for pages that belong to all of 2 to 5 categories you specify. You can also specify up to 3 categories for which pages are not category members.
  • Now able to Upload text documents (.txt). This may be useful for particularlly large documents that don't need special formatting. Or to share things like player quest files.


  • Able to selectively restore some versions and not others from the history when undoing a page deletion rather than all or nothing as before.
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