Worn and Battered Weapons

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Introduced:  Friend and Foe
Skill Battered Weapon Worn Weapon
Missile Weapons Battered Old Atlatl Icon.png Battered Old Atlatl Worn Old Atlatl Icon.png Worn Old Atlatl
Missile Weapons Battered Old Bow Icon.png Battered Old Bow Worn Old Bow Icon.png Worn Old Bow
Missile Weapons Battered Old Crossbow Icon.png Battered Old Crossbow Worn Old Crossbow Icon.png Worn Old Crossbow
Two Handed Combat Icon.png [[]] Icon.png [[]]
Heavy Weapons Battered Old Axe Icon.png Battered Old Axe Worn Old Axe Icon.png Worn Old Axe
Heavy Weapons Battered Old Mace Icon.png Battered Old Mace Worn Old Mace Icon.png Worn Old Mace
Light Weapons Battered Old Cestus Icon.png Battered Old Cestus Worn Old Cestus Icon.png Worn Old Cestus
Light Weapons Battered Old Dagger Icon.png Battered Old Dagger Worn Old Dagger Icon.png Worn Old Dagger
Light Weapons Battered Old Sword Icon.png Battered Old Sword Worn Old Sword Icon.png Worn Old Sword
Finesse Weapons Battered Old Spear Icon.png Battered Old Spear Worn Old Spear Icon.png Worn Old Spear
Finesse Weapons Battered Old Staff Icon.png Battered Old Staff Worn Old Staff Icon.png Worn Old Staff


  • Worn and Battered weapons are created by combining the two halves that are found in Dirty Old Crates scattered around Dereth (see the crates information page for a spawn map).
  • The Dirty Old Crates of Osteth are accompanied by High Tumeroks and a Tumerok Priest and contain pieces of Battered Weapons.
  • Alternatively, search the Direlands and northwestern parts of Osteth for Dirty Old Crates.
    • These crates from these regions are accompanied by Tumerok Troopers and contain pieces of Worn Weapons.
  • Completed battered weapons have level 5 spells, low damage and a base wield requirement of 250. Worn weapons have level 7 spells, high damage and a base wield requirement of 350. Both types of weapon have the Armor Cleaving property.
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