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"Xarabydun, founded in 11 PY, is the headquarters of the Arcanum - a group of scholars, alchemists, and mages who conduct research for the betterment of Dereth. The first human settlement here was below ground, in the Yalaini grottos of Laeraa. Deep inside, Arcanum scholars discovered one of the Seaborne Empire's archives, filled with thousands of Empyrean tomes. These tomes have been the source of many of our advancements throughout the years. In 13 PY, the Arcanum built research facilities on the surface, and many of their finest alchemists, tinkerers, and mages may be found here." --Town Network Sign

  • Xarbydun was an ancient Empyrean ruin which the Arcanum discovered during the Hollow Victory event. It used to be completely underground, only accessible via portal by those level 25 and under.
  • In Hidden Vein, the Arcanum Consortium was built above ground from Xarabydun, with NPCs there for various interaction in the Nuhmudira's Boon, Isparian Arms, and Bronze Statues quests.
  • In Festivus, Ulgrim the Unpleasant wanted to sample the brew in Xarabydun's bar, so, logically, he destroyed the portal and dug a tunnel down to the town. And thus it's level restriction was removed. With various updates to the Harbinger and other quests the Arcanum Consortium has seen more updates.
  • In Evolution, a new vendor arrived selling directions and ingredients for making Alchemical Throwing Phials.

For the underground section of Xarabydun see: Map available at ACMaps.com


  • Portal gems to Xarabydun can be purchased in the mage shops of the original 9 starter towns, as well as the Master Mages.

To Xarabydun

Location Coords Destination Coords Restrictions
Town Network Gharu'ndim (West) Xarabydun 41.9S, 16.1E None

From Xarabydun

Location Coords Destination Coords Restrictions
Xarabydun 41.9S, 15.8E Town Network -- None
Xarabydun 41.9S, 16.2E Xarabydun Lifestone 41.9S, 16.2E 1 - 25
Xarabydun Sewer Area Xarabydun 41.9S, 16.1E (surface) None

Points of Interest

Landscape POIs



Dungeon Coordinates Wiki Map ACmaps Other Quests
Lightless Tunnels 41.9S, 16.2E -- 02C6 -- --
Uninhabited Area 41.9S, 16.2E -- 02D2 -- --


Above Ground

NPC Name Location Type Details
Aino Lunnan-Shin 41.7S, 16.1E Quest Gem of Impulse Quest
Alaine the Apprentice 41.8S, 15.8E Quest Isparian Weapons Quest
Atamarr 41.7S, 15.8E Quest Atamarr Tasks, Gear Knight Construction
Bhab, Arcanum Tinkerer 41.6S, 15.8E Quest Bronze Statues Quest, Nuhmudira's Boon Quest
Ciandra, Arcanum Alchemist 41.8S, 15.8E Quest Harbinger, Repaired Shadow Stone, Shadowfire Stone Quest, Prismatic Shadow Armor Quest, Isparian Weapons Quest
Hiro, Arcanum Artificer 41.6S, 15.8E Quest The Moars, Nuhmudira's Boon Quest
Janier al-Evv 41.8S, 15.8E Shopkeeper Alchemical Throwing Phials
Kaytin 41.7S, 15.8E Quest Gear Knight Construction
Merkitz ibn'Akadh 41.7S, 15.8E Arcanum Portalmancer Direlands Gear Knight Resistance Camp
Nurino 41.6S, 15.8E Quest Gear Knight Parts
Scrivener of Creature Magic 41.9S, 15.9E Shopkeeper Scrolls, foci
Scrivener of Item Magic 41.9S, 15.9E Shopkeeper Scrolls, foci
Scrivener of Life Magic 41.9S, 15.9E Shopkeeper Scrolls, foci
Scrivener of War Magic 41.9S, 15.9E Shopkeeper Scrolls, foci
Talar the Apprentice 41.8S, 15.8E Quest Aerbax's Prodigal Harbinger, Prismatic Shadow Armor Quest
Town Crier 41.9S, 16.2E Rumors Provides rumors for free and for pyreal


NPC Name Location Type Details
Archmage Zarri ibn Khaybi 41.9S, 16.2E Shopkeeper Magical supplies
Barkeep Anarn 41.9S, 16.2E Shopkeeper Food and drink
Farmer Khurah al-Rujarkir 41.9S, 16.2E Shopkeeper Basic supplies
Fazyad ibn Raymar 41.9S, 16.2E Collector Collects rat tails
Jeweler Jurraf al-Djiqidh 41.9S, 16.2E Shopkeeper Gems, jewelry and tools
Bowyer Hanra ibn Zarib 41.9S, 16.2E Shopkeeper Archer supplies
Sifida bint Naril the Scribe 41.9S, 16.2E Shopkeeper Books and parchment
Smith Ashaira bint Maisa 41.9S, 16.2E Shopkeeper Armor and weapons
Town Crier 41.9S, 16.2E Herald Provides rumors for free and for pyreal


Creatures found within Xarabydun.

Cow Icon.png Cow

Rabbit Icon.png Rabbit

Rat Icon.png Rat

Wisp Icon.png Wisp

Creatures that are commonly found in the area surrounding Xarabydun.

Doll Icon.png Doll

Gromnie Icon.png Gromnie

Shadow Icon.png Shadow

Undead Icon.png Undead

Art & Images

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