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Original Link (now dead) - http://www.zogblaster.com/tweb/asherons-call/screenshots_content.htm

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Enjoy a sneak preview of Asheron's Call with new, hardware accelerated screenshots, and our first-ever videos!

Hardware Accelerated Screenshots!

Gathering On the Savanna The Moss Dungeon Awaits Olthoi, Death and More Death (Oh My!)
Tempus Fugit Lights! Camera! Asheron's Call!

We've produced two videos that peer into the world of Asheron's Call...

First, check out this exclusive 50-second preview of the game, courtesy of Gamespot!

Next, watch a new day dawn in the land of Dereth: time-lapse footage featuring the passage of time and dynamic weather!

Enjoy these screenshots presented as part of Microsoft Gamestock '99

Shallowssharks! To Battle! Acid Blasts Blister the Enemy A Tumerok in Trouble
The Castle, Besieged A Fine Night for Adventure Can You Spell Olthoi?
Yaraq at Twilight

Our UI supports multiple screen resolutions. Click on a thumbnail to see full game resolution images.

An archive of previously released screenshots is available.

(Images subject to change with development.)
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